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Micralite twofold is it too good to be true?

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notso Thu 16-Jan-14 14:05:28

It seems perfect for me.
I have DS2 3.1 walks well but needs a buggy board/seat for long trips, but in pre-school so only need it couple of afternoons a week.
DS3 21 months, still needs a buggy.
DN 9 months couple of times a week obviously still in buggy.
I need a big shopping basket as I don't drive.

This meets all my criteria so what's the catch?

Tiggywunkle Fri 17-Jan-14 23:27:51

I think it would probably suit you well. I liked my Twofold a lot. Its handy to have, and with the different ages, and options which you have, it could work well. The only flaw I found was that its very hard to get up steps and kerbs. However there are usually dropped kerbs around. Its definitely worth a closer look. Have a look too at the Mountain Buggy +One which would offer you different options too.

notso Sat 18-Jan-14 00:26:39

Thanks Tiggywunkle that's helpful.
Haven't heard of the + one before so will have a look.

sleepcrisis Sat 18-Jan-14 11:52:32

Sorry for hijacking, but I'm very keen on the twofold as well and have to buy a buggy unseen online unfortunately. My DS will be 2.10 when DS2 arrives and so we'll be mostly using it as a single buggy but twice a week have a 50 min walk to and from preschool, so he'd use it then, and I'm also thinking that he'll need a seat on long day trips and holidays.

The main things I need to know are can it handle offroad/beach walking? And does it fold small? am comparing to my bugaboo bee which fits fine in our boot.

Otherwise the buggy board would be very handy. Just wondering if you thought this would be a good choice for our situation? Other front runner is Phil and Teds.

Thanks and sorry again for hijacking!

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