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Grandma seeking pushchair recommendation after a few mistakes!

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Boardiegirl Tue 14-Jan-14 22:19:30

Im a Nan with one dgd age 12 months. Before her birth I bought a preloved BebeConfort Loola but never really got on with it; it felt flimsy and rickety even with just the maxicosy carseat on it. I thought it might be due to it having two handles so I then bought a Quinny Buzz, again preloved. It feels more solid but is really awkward to steer and heavy to push. The handle is really hard to adjust too but this is prob due to it not being new...?
Quinny had such a good name that Im disappointed to be honest!

So Im looking again!
I want parent facing, easy fold, not too light like a buggy. I cant afford top brands like ICandy, Bugaboo etc even preloved.
Im wondering about the Mothercare My4 but hear its actually made by Quinny!??
Also the Mamas n Papas Sola?
Any other ideas or advice for an oldie please?

charlyn Wed 15-Jan-14 11:40:31

I think the Mamas and Sola would be a good choice for you, I have one and its great to push. Its on sale too at the moment at £199. The Babystyle oyster is also quite popular but no experience with this one.

Tinkertaylor1 Wed 15-Jan-14 11:45:59

My 82 year old granny pushes my stokke very easily and has arthritis in her wrist. It's very solid and has a single column steering that's why it so easy to steer . It's not cheap though!
BUT it does turn in to a high seat when you eat out!
You can pick them up on ebay cheaper though.®-Xplory™-Pushchair---Brown/488571,default,pd.html?CAWELAID=1642302870&cm_mmc=Google-_-Pushchairs-_-PLA+-+Pushchairs-_-PLA+-+Pushchairs+-+PLA&gclid=CISzg_6MgLwCFVMdtAod4GIA4g

IHatePopUpTents Wed 15-Jan-14 11:48:00

I have the sola and it's perfect, and fairly light compared to some of them!! My dd is 12 months and still loves it

Ihateparties Wed 15-Jan-14 14:25:44

I had a glide/sola.. quite liked it. The joie chrome is great, as is the graco evo.

Lagoonablue Thu 16-Jan-14 12:38:04

Agree. The Sola is great.

Tiggywunkle Fri 17-Jan-14 23:31:25

Have a look at a Baby Jogger Versa, or a second hand iCandy Cherry? The Oyster is lovely too, as is a Joie Chrome. I personally hated the Sola. The workmanship is so poor on them. If you dont want parent facing, then look for a preloved Baby Jogger City Mini.

BB01 Sat 18-Jan-14 19:19:30

iCandy Cherry is fantastic

adagio Sat 18-Jan-14 19:40:40

How much are you going to use it/ what for, and what is your realistic budget?

I have the Sola, in many ways it is great, but I find the two piece fold can feel a bit cumbersome (particularly in the rain, in a soggy outdoor car park!). It also pretty much fills the boot (Golf and 1 series).

However, for push to/from the house its great - easy to push etc - and with some care it will fit under the stairs folded down, along with trike and Hetty the hoover (and you can still get to the loo, a bonus).

I do get pram envy for one hand/one piece fold i.e. Bugaboo Bee and iCandy Strawberry - but not enough to justify swapping, but IF I had realised how much I was going to use it I might have got a better one in the first place - we have walked literally miles, albeit with new wheels needed all round (obtained under warranty from M&P, although they are available to buy too).

It does need the odd squirt of silicone spray - I use GT85 from Halfords as we already had it in for the bikes, I am sure other brands exist. Have you tried lubricating your Quinny?

Boardiegirl Fri 24-Jan-14 23:00:59

Thanks all!
I havent tried lubricating but will do! I looked at a preloved Bugaboo Frog but it looked fiddly to adjust and fold to me. Im looking at a Silver Cross 3D tomorrow...any of you tried one of those?
Even on ebay ICandy Cherry sells for £100 plus, too much for me. Stokke is of course way more! Looks lovely tho but we only have dgd about once a month so would be extravagant!

Rockchick1984 Sat 25-Jan-14 10:08:57

Don't get a silver cross 3D - they are awful! Plus nothing like you are looking for - its cumbersome, heavy to push, only forward facing, difficult to fold.

How much are you looking at spending? Something like a babystyle oyster may be a good choice, and can pick them up preloved for under £100.

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Sat 25-Jan-14 11:35:18

Bugaboo Geckos sell for well under £100 on eBay. I love mine! I've also had a Bugaboo Bee+ which was fab but didn't fit in my stupidly tiny Zafira boot.

Boardiegirl Sat 25-Jan-14 21:02:31

Ooh its tricky! Yes i looked at the 3d and your right, it wasnt for me!
We only have our dgd once a month and she is 1yo now,(today actually smile ) so i dont need a travel system any more. If some of you say the Sola is flimsy then i wont go for that.
Im looking preloved for about £60. Never heard of some of the ones you name, maybevtheyre in London?
Any comments on the Mothercare My 4?? They look nice from what i can see, plus come in pink grin
Yes i am that shallow/fussy!!

RandomMess Sat 25-Jan-14 21:04:22

If she is one I'd look at a maclaren quest or XT? I don't think parent facing is important for once per month?

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