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bj city mini gt double

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EntWife Tue 14-Jan-14 17:20:54

Any one own one who can tell me how much I will love it?

currently have a city select but owing to a change in the configuration of our car we have more limited boot space than before. The city mini looks like it is a smaller and less complicated fold.

dd2 is 20 months old and a good walker and ds is 5 months. I would almost consider a single except that there are times when I just need to move fast and that means putting Dd2 in the buggy. I suppose I could use a buggy board????

Ihateparties Tue 14-Jan-14 17:56:40

It depends a lot on how often, how far and in what contexts you walk whether a board is feasible. Dd2 is almost 23m and she walks often but I couldn't facilitate her walking everywhere we go and don't anticipate being able to until she is nearer 3 but we do everything on foot including x3 schools runs per day of over a mile each.
I had a regular city mini double with ds and dd1, it is a simple fold and a nice flat shape but I don't know if it's small compared to a select (which is my head is small folded for a double) plus the gt has the extra weight. I have had the single gt though and it is fab to push. I did not enjoy the glider board and gt experience at all but other people seem to find it fine so it's definitely subjective.

EntWife Tue 14-Jan-14 20:59:21

For the most part we use the buggy for shopping in town and days out at local gardens/farms etc. dd1's preschool is only 500m away so dd2 walks that (or steals her big sisters scooter) while the baby goes in the buggy.

thinking about it I don't really want to be without the convenience of a double. If I don't use her seat then nothing is lost. If I need it and I don't have one then we hit trouble. If she were 6 months older it might be a different story.

The problem with the city select is that the frame and the seats are stored seperately. We have a large seven seater and have had to reconfigure the seats so that the back two are now being used leaving me with about 50-60cm boot space. The frame fits in fine but the two seats don't.

The city mini double looks like it will fit folded up without to much of a squeeze.

Ihateparties Tue 14-Jan-14 22:08:46

Hmmm the ridiculously tiny 7 seater boot issue. You don't have a lot of options really then. Personally I would not lose the second seat option if avoidable. Have you seen the easy x rider buggyboard? Or the seat lascal are supposed to be bringing out for the Maxi... this… Could that sort of thing be an option?

EntWife Tue 14-Jan-14 22:18:23

Wow. dd1 & 2 would fight each other for that! It would be war 😁

I think I am going to take a trip up to John Lewis and actually physically check out the cm and the gt.

will be sad to see my select go. It is a fab buggy and if it wasnt for this boot issue I would keep it until ds outgrows it.

EntWife Thu 13-Feb-14 21:31:55

Thought I would update this incase anyone is searching the archive for info on this topic.

I went to john lewis and test drove the bjcm. They were so lovely. They even let me take it out to my car to make sure it fit in my now ridiculously small boot. As I expected it did fit with no dramas. tried both 20m old dd and 5m old ds in it and both seemed fine in it. Was easy to push and maneuver so I have ordered one. Should be delivered on Saturday and I am quite excited about it. grin

Going to spend some time this weekend sprucing up the select to list on ebay ect next week.

Thatsnotmyfigure Mon 17-Feb-14 22:18:23

Hi Ent Wife! Pls let me know if ur selling ur BJCS! It sounds like you loved it? I'm really keen although bit concerned some mention it gets heavy and awkward when children are older- I guess that wasn't ur experience?

EntWife Thu 20-Feb-14 22:44:58


am definitely selling my select. was planning to spend some time this weekend giving it a wash and polish with a view to ebaying it next week.

I do know what people are taking about when they talk about the select being heavy ect but I think you have to work with the pram to get the best out of it.

The problem is that physics dictates that if you want the greatest maneuverability you need to have the heaviest child at the back (closest to you). This doesn't sit well with a lot of people who naturally want their littlest child closest to them.

If you are only using it on flat even ground then it really doesnt make much of a difference. The buggy is light to push and very smooth abs the basket is brilliant for shopping. If however you are using it on a surface that has a camber then it can make a dramatic difference in your ability to steer it.

Once i accepted this and always put my bigg'un at back closest to me if we were going anywhere bumpy or uneven then it has been fine.

If you are using it for twins then it won't make a bit of difference. toy can or whoever you like whereever you like.

I will be sad to see my select go but I just don't have the boot space for it any more. the city mini folds flat and stands up so I can fit it in the 30cm I laughingly call my boot these days.

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