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BJCM GT or Uppababy Vista vs. Easy Walker Sky?

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BEEwitched Mon 13-Jan-14 13:53:59

Thanks for the feedback - I have to say, I haven't found a bad review of the Sky yet and at that price, considering all bits & bobs are included...

I really appreciate it!

Tiggywunkle Sun 12-Jan-14 23:39:24

The Easywalker Sky is lovely. Its definitely worth a serious consideration. It would suit a beach lifestyle more than the other two although I would want to find something else to travel with. I am sure Easywalker would be able to help you with spare parts if you ever needed them.

Glowstar71 Sun 12-Jan-14 21:50:20

Meant to say, not sure how she had trouble folding it, it's one of the easiest prams to fold. Good video demo on YouTube.

Glowstar71 Sun 12-Jan-14 21:48:25

Hi, I've got the Easywalker sky and recommend it. I've possibly owned every pram known to mankind but this is one of my favourites. It's not small though and you need a decent size boot. It's super light to push, despite its size I've never had a problem navigating it around shops etc. I love the size of the seat for an older toddler but it doesn't sit totally upright. It's got a good recline. I've never owned a BJCM. I do have friends with the Vista who rave about it. I've also got a maclaren quest for taking on holidays abroad which really does the job I got an immaculate one off EBay for £5!!!!! and I mean almost brand new! That lives in a buggy bag in OH's car boot. Buggy bags are amazing for checking extra nappies, sun umbrella etc through airport check in. If you like the Easywalker the qtro (4 wheel version) is slightly shorter in length.

BEEwitched Sun 12-Jan-14 16:47:14

Thanks, that helps a lot! For some reason, when I read up on the BJCM I thought no parent facing option meant that the carrycot was outward facing, as well, not that I know I've been a numpty I'm not that worried anymore, though parent-facing would still be nice.

I've almost 100% decided on the BJCM, the Easy Walker looks lovely but it's quite big and the shop assistant had real trouble getting the carrycot off and folding it.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 12-Jan-14 16:42:54

Should add, from birth worked well for us though used the car seat till about a month in and then with a footmuff so there was some padding.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 12-Jan-14 16:41:46

Can only tell you about the BJCM GT as I only have personal experience with that..
Love the one handed fold and the sturdiness. Love the fact that it turns on a dime.
Don't like the fact that baby can't face me. Also, there are shorter pushchairs ie in terms of length.
In retrospect I may have gone for one where baby could face me.

BEEwitched Sat 11-Jan-14 17:23:27

I've read a good number of threads on here on the BCJM and the Uppababy, and they both seem like fabulous options for us (live next to the sea, dog walking on the beach, but need a versatile pram that'll cope with shops and planes). We like that the carrycot on the Uppababy is bigger but, hand on heart, I know that at some point I will buy a BCJM, even if that is in 10-12 months time when baby is too big to need carrycot.

When we checked them out in the pram shop today, a third option shoved its way to the forefront - the shop has one lonely Easy Walker Sky left for an excellent price. It would be perfect for the beach and the carrycot looks nice and big (the one thing that really concerns me about the BJCM), and at that price we could buy a secondhand BCJM down the line and still pay less than what the Uppababy would cost.

Should I consider the Easy Walker? Is it a bad idea to buy a discontinued model as I won't be able to get spares? It's £299 all in, which seems very good! Is the Uppababy more versatile and nippy than it seems? It looks so perfect for now, but I need to be able to take it on planes and want something small and nippy, which brings me back to the BCJM GT and its fabulous one-hand fold and small frame. It's gorgeous, too.

Could I live with just the BCJM from birth?

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