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replacing the rear wheel on the 2009 bugaboo be with a 2010 wheel: can it be done?

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bonzo77 Sat 11-Jan-14 13:35:32

I've previously replaced like-with-like. But you cannot get a 2009 rear wheel now anywhere. if I use a 2010 one will it be compatible with the brake? And is the diameter different (i.e would I need to replace both of the rear wheels? buggypitstop who are near me, will do the job for £80 approx, but they say that some sort of modification is needed to the brake, so £45 for 2 wheels + £36 labour charge. If I could just buy the wheels else where and fit them my self it will obviously be cheaper.

bonzo77 Mon 13-Jan-14 14:52:08

right, going to update my own unanswered thread in case it helps anyone else....

I tried my friend's bee + wheels on my buggy. They fit oK, the diameter difference was negligible. The brakes did engage but not as securely as the original wheel.

In the end I called back buggypitstop and asked if they had an old second hand bee rear wheel knocking around. They did and I bought it. If in the future I need a wheel and cannot get an original by phoning around, I guess I have options.

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