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New pushchair for my big toddler

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Jellyboobs Fri 10-Jan-14 15:10:39

We have a Silver Cross pop and my 23 month old is too big for it, she pokes over the top and it's too narrow.
I'm looking for recommendations of wide pushchairs, not loads of money, and that will last until she's 3+


Tiggywunkle Sat 11-Jan-14 00:24:31

A Kiddy City 'n Move? Or a Baby Jogger City Mini (maybe second hand?) Or a Britax B-Agile? Or a Graco Evo Mini?
All fab for older children.

toomanypasswords Mon 13-Jan-14 14:55:03

I love my Graco Evo Mini but if your toddler is v tall, she may poke over the top of it too. My daughter is 22m and quite tall and her head is at the top but she still seems v comfy in it and sleeps easily. My mum has the SC Pop for her but we don't use it that regularly for me to make a direct comparison.

KiwiBanana Tue 14-Jan-14 16:51:19

DS was a right porker and big for his age, we ended up swapping to a maclaren. He can still fit in it now at 3.5 but tbh rarely needs it now.

GwendolineMaryLacey Tue 14-Jan-14 16:52:25

Baby jogger city mini. My 6yo cadges a lift in it sometimes.

AnotherStitchInTime Tue 14-Jan-14 16:59:33

Britax B Agile, my 4.5 year old fits in it still comfortably. Very sturdy, good foot rest, excellent storage basket (fits 3 bags of shopping easily), one handed fold, good handling - light, you can push 1 handed. Cost me under £200 from Kiddicare, 2 year warranty.

oceaner Sat 18-Jan-14 13:43:50

May I know the moms who use Britax B Agile find the hood is rather low for toddlers? I tested the B Agile and Graco Evo mini today in Mothercare and found that Evo has pretty high hood and B Agile has rather low hood. Just have a feeling that 20 months old DS's head seems like going to pokes over the top in a year time, while Evo has plenty of room.

I read some reviews/posts on other sites (and here) that B Agile is good to last till the toddler is 3 or 4 years while Evo is not good for big kid? Any mom here feels think the same?

Nicplus2 Sat 18-Jan-14 21:13:48

Am hopping on this thread,,, im also on the hunt for a new pushchair for my 2.5 dd i have had loads and loads and never been satisfied lol although i am a pramaholic slightly lol. i had a b agile not so long back and it was fine size wise but i found it quite hard to push as very rigid, am wondering if its the newer model that seems to have a lower hood??

I am currently using a zia and love it for how easy it is to push even with my heavy girl in it lol but shes defo to tall for it and cant really lay back.
Were off on hols in may and need something suitable for that, ive been looking at the baby jogger micro again, again ive had one before but sold as found it quite hard to push, but size wise these are great for toddlers.

oceaner Sat 18-Jan-14 22:44:01

Nicplus2 my DH said that the love we (pram addict moms, although I'm still far from being a pram addict, only 4 so far) have for prams is equivalent to them men's love for sport cars grin

I have no idea which model for both B agile and Evo Mini displayed in the shop but the B Agile is the 3 wheels one. Is yours 3-wheelers or 4 wheelers? The Evo Mini has the same main features I previously wanted from the Redkite Urban - big basket, one-handlebar, 3 wheels. Redkite is not easy to push round the corners, the curbs, maybe not all the 3-wheelers perhaps it is just Redkite?

I still find Njoy Bubble is easier to push than the redkite so want to get a 4-wheelers now.

I am more towards B Agile for 4 wheels and would like to get a bumper bar for DS, the only thing would stop me taking it would be the very low hood sad DH was immediately put off after seeing the pity headroom.

mmm.. I might well to start a new topic asking about the low hood of B Agile to see are all models the same?

Nicplus2 Sun 19-Jan-14 08:31:37

Ha ha very true although a bit cheaper than sports cars!

Mine was the 4 wheel black thunder, ill see if i can find a pic with her in it.
Im sure mine was the older one, it is a lovely solid buggy with loads of room i just fine it quite had to push.

Ihateparties Sun 19-Jan-14 12:16:54

I didn't find mine hard to push and somewhere have a pic of 4 and a half year old ds in ours, when the hood was back the top of his head was over it but he could sit under it. He's fairly big, 96th centile ish so at that age he was about 115cm. He didn't use it, I took a pic for size reference. So I remember the headroom as good but mine was the 4 wheel too. More recently I had a b motion, which is extremely solid but hard to turn (my b agile wasn't). My 104cm approaching 4yo fitted easily. I believe the seat and hood part of the motion and agile are identical...

oceaner Sun 19-Jan-14 22:05:19

Nicplus2 seems we now have good excuse to have more prams!!
I had a quick test in the store as couldn't get DS to sit in long enough as he wanted to play the trainset which is on display. So just pushed it around without DS and not really noticing it is hard to push (yet?) I should go to the store again to test it out with DS in. Yes, it looks like a lovely buggy and I really want it grin

oceaner Sun 19-Jan-14 22:22:43

Ihateparties Thanks for replying on my other thread, since you are here too, so I just reply here smile
What you described of your DS in the seat sounds very similar picture we could see in DS.

May I correct the measurement I provided in the other thread (i wasn't that good in estimate the length!), double checked with DH, he said it was about 4-5 inches away, defo less than 5 inches.
I think it won't be a big deal if the hood is back, was your DS happy when you pulled down the hood, did it cover his view a little?

I think I really need to go back to store to get DS test it out again.

By the way, do you like B Agile or B Motion better? I just looked at the B Motion, looks like they just look the same! Which one would you recommend, now my heart is stirred by another choice! blush

Ihateparties Sun 19-Jan-14 23:18:31

DS didn't use either pushchair and DDs are both shorter, neither have been too bothered about the hood getting in the way of their view though. Suppose some children might? They would rather the hood than the bright sunlight iyswim.

B motion vs b agile is difficult, I liked both but ultimately the b agile was easier to steer, which would make the difference to me. The b motion is nicer to push with air tyres and more suspension.. bouncier feeling, it's just the steering.

Fwiw I think 5 inches ish will be adequate for growth, especially as torsos seems to grow less and limbs more as toddlers get a little older. Dd1 and dd2 are fairly similar in torso height/length, one is 23m the other 3y11m. I can see how fairly big dd2 looks in things at this age but I have the reminder of dd1 to show me how she will still fit in stuff in a couple of years if required.

The evo mini is meant be great too, lighter, more compact. The b agile and b motion worked for me because I walk, don't put things in the car. If you do the lighter evo might be better.

oceaner Tue 21-Jan-14 15:07:25

Ihateparties your DS probably taller than mine, we hadn't really have the chance to see if DS is happily sit inside. I'm not bothered as much as DH does as I try to use the parasol during the summer.

I have googled the info for them, B Motion seems a bit heavier too. I actually almost ordering it as it's on sale at the moment at Kiddicare. But DH banned me from buying it because he sees no point to buy one while I have the Redkite which currently sent for repair/check because one of the wheels came off. But I plan to sell both Redkite and Njoy Bubble and get Britax as last pushchair.

You could be right about the growth, DS is big build but not too tall. Will defo look into this again when we come back from holiday.

I walk too as I don't have driving licence! Evo mini not really interested me because it is narrower, I found the handlebar is as short as Redkite one which I found not too easy to steer.

delasi Sat 25-Jan-14 15:13:43

BJCM for all round sturdy and sizeable pushchair. Maclaren Volo for simple and very lightweight stroller that is roomy. DS is only nearly 14mo but is 100th % (both weight and height) and there is loads of space above his ahead, below the feet, and either side of him in both of these. Friend's DS is the same centile-wise but 28mo and has plenty of room in our BJCM (haven't tried him in the Volo yet! But looks like a good fit too).

New, the BJCM is around £200 (£250 in some places but we got ours for £205, no sale offer, 1 year ago) and we just got the Volo for £67 at Kiddicare.

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