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Stroll Air

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MrsRV Sat 04-Jan-14 16:49:47

so this is a pushchair from the US that I desperately want!! a company called Daisy Dreams are the UK stockist. has anyone else bought from this company? are they reputable? any problems to report?

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-Jan-14 00:28:33

I dont know about Daisy Dreams but the Stroll Air pushchairs seem fab. I know Daisy Dreams are the UK distributor. I am sure I know someone who bought from them with no problems. You could always message Stroll Air to check if they are their approved distributor, but I am sure they are fine.

MrsRV Sun 05-Jan-14 19:32:21

tiggy how on earth do you know so much about pushchairs!?! :-)

MrsRV Wed 15-Jan-14 20:49:09

just bumping this as I was hoping someone could tell me whether stroll air duo is compatible with maxi cosi cabriofix???

Tiggywunkle Fri 17-Jan-14 23:37:38

I would contact Daisy Dreams to be honest. They list car seat adaptors on their website but its for the Mico not the Cabriofix - I know they are similar, but I would go and ask them TBH.

MrsRV Sat 18-Jan-14 14:28:53

I did... they just sent me the list which is already online. they did say I could return it if it doesn't fit.

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