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Help, need a compact, multi terrain all rounder - totally lost

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Rustymilo99 Sat 04-Jan-14 00:21:54

I ordered a bugaboo bee on advice but I'm now worried that I've made the wrong decision. I have a new style corsa, shop occasionally and walk frequently. I plan to use a carrier for some walks but would like to be able to do park walks/canal etc with a pushchair. I've considered getting two, an off roader, which I'm fine with, but I want a practical everyday one too.

Any advice would be brilliant, I'm due in march so I'd have to be able to have it delivered soon. My key wants are parent facing, lie flat, compact fold, reasonable handling on mid surfaces - like a park.

Lottie345 Sat 04-Jan-14 21:05:42

Hey, I'm in the same boat. Haven't looked at the bee as seems quite light for any rough walks but I'm sure it's fine on normal paths.

I've been heading towards something like the baby jogger city Versa GT which has air tyres. No where near as sexy as the Bee but reviews everywhere seem glowing and that it's longer lasting than most. We have a seat Ibiza hatchback so boot space is at premium. Although, like you, think I'll be walking most places.

I'm sure some expert MN-ers will be along to help you out!

Ihateparties Sat 04-Jan-14 21:31:42

Hmmm there aren't many multi terrain yet compact pushchairs. The easywalker mini is the obvious one. Everything else is much of a muchness when it comes to size, lovely versa gt included, it's excellent but not really compact.

The casualplay kudu 3 looks nice, has air tyres, lie flat seat and folds with the seat on in either direction. I doubt it's particularly light or small though. It does somewhat depend on what you view as compact...

The bee sounds good though, for what you want to use it for, especially if you are going to get a 2nd one for off roading/terrain use. The all in one is often hard to find when you have compact and terrain suitable on your list.

fwiw we have an ibiza and this time last year had a hired corsa after the ibiza was accident damaged and the boot space on both is good for a small car, it shouldn't rule too many things out at least.

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-Jan-14 00:22:00

I agree with ihateparties. The Easywalker MINI is fabulous and I absolutely love mine. I should have mentioned it on the other post as being one of my all time favourites and the one currently in my car boot. The Versa - either standard or GT would do what you want. The Bee meanwhile can cope with some mild off road - grass etc but its light and rickety feeling. The new iCandy Raspberry will be more sturdy and may be a better option?

superlambanana Sun 05-Jan-14 00:28:29

What about the bugaboo chameleon? Seems built for versatility. We've ordered the Mothercare Orb as it does a lot of the same things as the chameleon but is several hundred pounds cheaper!

If you want real off road I gather the bugaboo buffalo is good.

Rustymilo99 Sun 05-Jan-14 10:53:15

Thanks everyone!! Massive help, I'm loving the easywalker. I wonder if the June would be ok? I'm going to get a proper off roader too from 6 months, this one will go in the other half's massive boot. So, really I'm after something that's sturdy, can do mid terrain and fits in my boot (corsa). Will I just be sad if I get a June and wish id got a mini?

Have just looked at the kudu3 and the drawback for me is that I have a maxicosi isofix base (given), so would prefer to save money there if I can. Love all it's features though!

I'm going to look at baby joggers next week, was thinking of the city select but will look at the versa gt too. They're not as pretty as some, but I think I'd rather avoid the mega frustration!

The cameleon does fit in my boot, with one wheel off, it just feels a bit beast like - maybe I'm weak, although the bump does interfere! Icandy doesn't get past my other half, it would look amusing, but I have to admit its a bit too bling for him - he's going to love the baby joggers cos they look they belong in an outdoorsy shop...

Thanks for opening my mind to brands I hadn't heard of! (smile) massive help!!!

Rustymilo99 Sun 05-Jan-14 11:01:40

I forgot to mention I was thinking of the uppababy vista and mamas and papas city sola too. I've just discovered pramworld no too far from me so I'll head there. So short list is...

Mamas and papas city sola
Uppababy vista
Baby jogger city select and versa gt
Easywalker mini and June
Casual play kudu 3
Icandy raspberry

Feel free to tell me I'm crazy for including any of these.

Ihateparties Sun 05-Jan-14 11:04:30

Don't try June unless you're happy to spend all your energy steering it and tipping it up kerbs! The mini is soooo much better to handle.

Hmmm recaro babyzen? Very cool fold, should handle mid terrain...

Tiggywunkle Sun 05-Jan-14 13:02:41

If you have the money for a MINI then don't get the June. The difference in handling is massive - the MINI is a dream to push, steer, lift up kerbs and the June is hard work. You would definitely regret it.

I wouldn't get the City Select over the Versa - its big as a single (long and wide) as well as very heavy - and if you want to have another baby, then you can sell the Versa and buy a City Select.

I probably would take the Raspberry off the list if you are planning on going off road. I mentioned it because its sturdier than the Bee, but the others on the list are better suited for that.

Ooh the Recaro Babyzen - well mentioned Parties - gorgeous pushchair. Definitely got the wow! manly feel for DH. However I think again the rest on your list are better for storage, parent facing etc.

Rustymilo99 Sun 05-Jan-14 17:49:01

Oooo, no energy for that! I'll stay away from the June. I like the look of the babyzen too. I actually feel excited about it now, rather than overwhelmed. Thanks so much

Ihateparties Sun 05-Jan-14 19:28:03

The thought of choosing just one thing brings me out in a cold sweat grin

I saw a sola city on display recently, it was annoyingly stuck behind a load of boxes though so didn't get a good look. All 4 wheels looked good though, air at the rear and large solid ones at the front.

Laquila Sun 05-Jan-14 23:54:24

Personally I thought the Sola felt much flimsier than theVersa and Vista - TBH I don't think you'll go far wrong with anything else on your list!

LucyB1 Mon 06-Jan-14 21:16:26

Gosh! i don't know where to start with looking for a pram. there seems to be so much choice and variety. what difference does 3 or 4 wheels make?

BB01 Tue 07-Jan-14 15:12:17

We chose the iCandy Cherry over the Bee. It was a very close call but the bigger wheels on the Cherry clinched it as we were going to use it on some rough ground. It's not really much of an off roader but fine for towpaths.

Rustymilo99 Sat 11-Jan-14 20:00:57

I got the versa gt, it handles really well and I love the fold - the seat folds tiny! I came across a really good deal on the first edition Icandy Peach, but I wasn't too sure... I think Babyjogger could make the carrycot a little prettier and charge more, but ultimately it functions really well.

Thanks for all your help everyone smile

P.s. A babyjogger city versa gt fits into a new style (12 plate) corsa boot with nothing taken off, including the seat - it does need to use the edge when laying flat in the boot pan but the door shuts just fine.

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