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Pros and cons of the b dual..

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IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 10:25:51

My dd will be 18mo when my dc2 is born, I'm fairly set on the bdual after a lot of internet research. However we will have to do a 100 mile round trip to see one in the flesh, so before I do.. Pros and cons please!!

The only thing I don't know is if it's compatible with the maxi cosi car seats? I don't think they are officially compatible but do any adaptors actually work?


Ihateparties Wed 01-Jan-14 11:37:26

It's nice to push IMO, some people find it heavy, I didn't. It comes from the same base as the uppababy vista.

However.. It is v heavy to lift and carry, it's wide/ridiculously wide depending on whether you put the wheel guards on or not. It's 67 with them off and over 70cm with them on, a nipper 360 is 72cm wide, mb duet is 63cm. No contest. Also the seats are weird and children seem to hang forward in them.

It's not awful, it's just been eclipsed by other things now IMO. Unless you're talking about a really excellent price (250 ish) for a new one or v cheap used then I reckon your money is far better going on an oyster max, apple2pear or used peach blossom etc. possibly a zezu multi tandem (if we're talking siblings not twins) nipper, duet, city mini double etc.

IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 12:39:34

Very open to other suggestions back to the drawing board!
I didn't realise it was so wide!! I've got a m and p sola ATM, it's light and nippy, so anythings going to be heavy after it!

Eurgh.. Who decided to have two children this close in age... fhmm

Ihateparties Wed 01-Jan-14 12:49:16

The peach, oyster max and apple 2 pear are light to push as tandems go, the nipper is the out and out winner on that front, so easy. If you can handle 72cm and the folded size then they're really great. If you're keeping the sola for later on and you might consider using a buggy board with it then a side by side might work better for the time you need it. If your elder child already walks some of the time then a tandem might be better... I dunno. Pros and cons to everything. What is there that you can see locally to start you off figuring out what you like and don't like?

IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 13:01:52

Nothing! There is NOTHING locally sad
and I don't even live in the middle of nowhere!

The idea is I draw up a shortlist of a couple, then go to the nearest place ican see them all to make the final decision!
We are going to sell the sola to raise funds for te new buggy, I want it to be light, and be able to use my maxi cosi car seat with it (not entirely fussed if that = unofficial adaptors that do the job)
I was gettig a bit hung up on the idea if all of the combos of the city select, I liked the options of being able to have parent facing but it's not a massive deal now I've thought about it!

MiaowTheCat Wed 01-Jan-14 13:24:01

Had one - sold it on fairly rapidly. Would have been fine if I'd had access to cars and buses - which I did have when I bought it, but then DH got moved to another work site taking the car out of the equation, and the bus route went bust - meaning I was faced with a massive hill between us and the local facilities... ended up getting quite a lot of nasty shoulder and arm pain from the sheer weight of it up the hill.

Loved the colour of it (I'm superficial), loved the fact you could pull the hoods over for naps and the different seating permutations - however in reality it just didn't work for us in terms of the sheer weight of the thing, and the parent facing "option" only really works as such for some phases of it as well. Can't speak for the car seat part really - we used the britax one which at least had one of the easiest clipping on and off systems of most of those accursed infant carrier seats (yep I hate 'em) that I've used. It was really decent to push in the snow compared to lots of pushchairs - but I think my Nipper would have laughed all over it to be honest - just didn't have it back then.

Sold it after about 3 months, went for a Nipper which was utterly totally fantastic (11 month age gap) - the width wasn't a problem at all really, and now we're at the stage of DD1 walking a lot more it's on to ye olde knackered Phil and Teds I picked up for £50.

Wouldn't buy it brand new btw - they go fairly consistently second hand for decent prices.

I found parent facing was the big sacrifice I had to make in terms of picking doubles - traded that off for manoeuvrability.

IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 14:12:05

The nipper looks SO wide! Do you vet struggle in shops? :/

IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 14:12:16


Ihateparties Wed 01-Jan-14 14:39:00

I have problems with all pushchairs in shops. I think it's partly bad driving and how busy places are! Emmaljunga make a 54cm wide one now I think.. I've forgotten which one exactly.. The Viking maybe? It looks like a good tandem if you can get over the fussy look.

Even if in double mode both seats ff it's nice to have pf in single mode, a lot of tandems do that. My favourite ever tandem, the smyths toys dimples mobi, got recalled never to be heard of again, I wish they had fixed the safety issue with that because it was ace and only cost two hundred quid.

Seriously though, if you think your elder one will have walking opportunities that increase over time (which is often the case but not always depending on circumstances) then a tandem is often more practical for that.

IHatePopUpTents Wed 01-Jan-14 22:06:28

Okay, we are now looking at the b dual, oystet max and zezu multi, any new thoughts?!?!

MiaowTheCat Thu 02-Jan-14 07:43:55

I'd go for the oyster max over the b-dual to be honest. If you're going b-dual wide... may as well avoid the tandem trade offs and go for a side by side - although the seats on it looked quite small for my mahoosive kids.

Rarely had problems with something the width of an old (77cm) Nipper in shops to be honest - and our local shops are all quite narrow doorways and I go in a lot of charity shops with lots of very narrowly packed higgledy piggledy aisles. The one shop I can't get round comfortably is a pain in the backside even for the smallest, niftiest, single pushchair and regularly complained about by all people who have to get around it. I can't get through a single door of the local children's centre - that's the one place I can't - but they have double doors and just open the other door for me (when the lock's not jammed on like it often is!)

One issue I've had with a couple of tandems is our GP surgery which has a very small lift and getting a long pushchair in is trickier - not massively so - just means I have to go in with them on a diagonal or drop adjustable handlebars down, but just something to consider depending on how your local area's laid out.

IHatePopUpTents Thu 02-Jan-14 09:11:12

Yeah, the width of the b dual surprised me! I've nearly ruled it out only haven't fully because the prices on ebay are SO appealing.. we are going to kiddicare tomorrow to have a look at them all.. I'm going to fully change my mind I'm sure!!

MiaowTheCat Thu 02-Jan-14 14:36:54

Take a really really heavy changing bag with you (or go nick the dummy sandbag babies from the Phil and Teds stand like I usually do) and check how the pushchair handles with weight in various seat combinations, especially things like the movement you'd do to bump up kerbs and steps... it's caught me out a couple of times just how radically different things can feel with different weight kids in different ways.

B-dual wouldn't quite fit through our kitchen doorway btw - would fit through the physical hole of the door, it was the lip at the bottom of the door that caught things out (I cope with the Nipper by just unfolding it in the back garden prior to going out). We've got a very narrow door though - 1920s house, 1970s extension.

IHatePopUpTents Thu 02-Jan-14 16:17:14

Oh, it never crossed my mind that they might have fake heavy baby things to try in pushchairs I was genuinely considering asking another parent if their child could just sit in the pushchair quickly.. blush

We are in a first floor flat, my pushchairs never been inside! It lives in my car!
Do they let you try and get them in yor car? I'd hate to get one and it doesn't fit confused

poocatcherchampion Sun 12-Jan-14 21:19:49

how did you get on? I'd really recommend the oyster. we have a 17 month age gap and dd2 is 4.5months and we have just graduated to 2 seats - dd1 below and dd2 above parent facing having her toes tickled sometimes in the car seat if it's a quick trip.

it is so light and easy to push, I love it!

IHatePopUpTents Sun 12-Jan-14 21:44:46

We decided the oyster max is the one for us! It's so so expensive though.. I'm really worried that we won't get the use out of it as my dd will be 18mo when baby's born!!

Does your dd1 still use the pushchair a lot or is she happier walking?

Tiggywunkle Sun 12-Jan-14 23:42:11

With an 18 month age gap, believe me, you will get the use out of it. Children at 18 months are more sensible walkers than when they hit their 2's and even 3's and gain brain power to argue and negotiate with. You wont regret buying a double.

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