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Venicci Vento?

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MultipleMama Thu 19-Dec-13 00:02:08

DH and I have fallen in love with this stroller. We're very tempted and would be able to afford it with DH's bonus however we're a little weary as we've not heard much of the brand before. They seem legit and having viewed one they seem good quality too. Has anyone know of them or have any experience or more informatiob on the brand? It looks perfect but is it too good to be true?

We visit a store on Friday we sells them but would like a little more info smile

Dollieplusthree Fri 20-Dec-13 20:53:17

Hey smile my sister in law has the Vento and absolutely swears by it. I took it for a test drive and it was really nice, it steered well and I like the fact the hood unzips to a sun net which is nice. The only thing for me which I didn't like was the fact the basket is a bag but that was it smile

ANA112211 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:46:47

Briliant service and quality of pram is 100%, despatched and delivered quickly
I bought Venicci Vento White SnowTravel System with ISOfix base,directly from,before ordering i went to Venicci showroom based in Doncaster.I have found alot of positive reviews on Venicci Facebook site over 6700 likes, after much research i am very impressed with the whole system. It's so lightweight, unlike other pushchairs. The carry cot is beautifully made and really comfy. The wheels come off with just the push of a single button, so I can easily get it flattened and into my car, without any hassle.

ANA112211 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:49:16

SharonJonesUK Fri 16-May-14 11:22:45

We bought Venicci VENTO after spending a lot of time reviewing it against its competitors. We definitely made the right choice.
The first thing that caught me was the price. It was around £499 cheaper than the other systems and comes with carrycot, stroller seat, car seat,bag,adapters, raincovers,and my favorit WHEEL COVERS . Its very sturdy and the folding mechanism is easy to use. It will also collapse with the stroller seat on. The ride height is amazing and I barely have to bend to lift baby out The carrycot is really big & my baby happily sleeps in there for hours. My son has only just come out of the carrycot chair and into his stroller chair at over 6 months ,The seat unit is really big comfortable with the extra liner. The fabrics wipe clean really easily and are really good quality.
The large back wheels make is great in rough and muddy terrain .Perfect customer service from venicci support
-Leather handlebar
Only 4 colours availble when i bought my pram

jeanmossl Sat 24-May-14 23:00:13

I have an Venicci MINI and I love it.... we did loads of research before we bought it and it fitted our needs perfectly.*I have the carrycot and it's really roomy for our DD (shes 8weeks now). We go walking pretty much every day and its lovely and lightweight to push. It also folds down quite small so I can fit it in my car as well as DH's - I have a quite a small boot. The frame is light for me to lift (which is good as I ended up with a section).The basket is roomy enough for shopping to fit in, I looked at a lot of dfferent prams, Icandy, Sola, My4 etc... but this one was the best fit for us. We have bought our pram from venicci website but I can see there is more stockists available now.

atokeley Tue 05-Aug-14 11:26:09


ANA112211 I noticed you brough the snow white travel system and I wondered how you were getting on with the colour? I love the Mini White but Im nervouse about white and some people have told me its a silly idea to get white but I really love it smile

Merrymum4 Sun 17-Aug-14 18:51:23

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Venicci mini, I first saw this pram at the the pram centre in Liverpool and thought it looked amazing.The demonstration from the staff there was brilliant and it made me want one even more. They showed all of the minis great qualities. There are three main features that I like the most on the mini, firstly the soft roll flat tires which make the ride very soft for my child. Secondly the soft leather handles , which feel much nicer to touch than other prams that have cheap plastic. Finally the click mode, this helps a lot when trying to manoeuvre my child around in his carry cot. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is thinking about buying a pram as this is probably the best on the market and it's also at a good price.

ewakarollczak Sun 26-Oct-14 09:34:43

I love my pram.I would definitely recommend the pram and already have to plenty of my is easy to set up and use and it looks fantastic. Ticks all the boxes in my opinion.

natureplantar101 Sun 26-Oct-14 22:08:27

ive been looking at the vennici mini in grey are they easy to fold and carry ?

AmandaSummer Fri 07-Nov-14 12:59:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MrsRuby Wed 14-Jan-15 13:46:52

Hope someone can help me with this topic - I know this thread is a bit old now but I would really love to know a few things about the Vennici mini or vento please!

Can anyone tell me if the pushchair folds with the seat attached to the frame? In forward and rear facing?

How high do you find the carrycot sits on the frame? In the Vennici video the woman pushing the pram has 6 inch heels on and the pram body looks to be around her knees! This seems quite low to me but wondered how it is in real life?

Does the seat seem roomy and the hood height high enough for a tall toddler?

Finally is the car seat any good and are the fabrics nice!?

If anyone has one of these and could answer some of my questions I'd be so grateful!

Thank you for reading :-)

AlnC Sat 14-Feb-15 19:56:01

Hi there has anyone found any difficulty with folding the venicci mini?

We saw it in a pram place today and the button and mechanism to allow the frame to fold was so stiff it was actually difficult to do . Did everyone find this until the mechanism bedded in or was the one we saw just a duff demonstration model?

My worry is my wife will have even more problems with it than I as she doesn't have a much power in her hands. Otherwise the venicci mini is amazing looking. Thanks.

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