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Buggy Pitstop - has anyone used this buggy repair service?

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ilovevenice Sun 08-Dec-13 23:45:23

Link here
We have a Bugaboo Cameleon that I'd like to sell, but there is a problem with the handle when folding which I think would probably be fairly simple to repair. Has anyone tried these guys? Or know any good alternatives - we are in west London?

stickybean Sun 08-Dec-13 23:57:05

Yes, for a bugaboo chameleon as well. It was about to be used on my 4th baby and was very tired looking and a bit wonky. If was worth every single penny. If came back looking brand new. I wouldn't hesitate to use them againsmile

ilovevenice Mon 09-Dec-13 00:19:12

Really useful - thank you! Yes, we are definitely on the wonky side post 3 babies... Did you do the full service?

stickybean Mon 09-Dec-13 13:47:13

Yes, the full package. It really looked brand new.

ilovevenice Mon 09-Dec-13 15:00:00

Thank you - we are booked in! smile

vickymuswell Tue 04-Feb-14 13:31:21

agghh guess it is too late... but I would avoid this company if you can. They push expensive and un necessary valets, they have awful customer service and didn't fix the problem I had brought it into buggy pitstop initially for. Yuk!

littleducks Tue 04-Feb-14 13:45:03

I had a good experience about 2/3 weeks ago, I took it in myself so no idea about the courier pick up/drop off service.

I had a valet on an old maclaren and it was a good job. Handles felt squeaky clean.

They fixed a buckle on my P&T, this was very expensive. I paid £30 labour but wasnt expecting the parts (a rod and a small half buckle) to cost £35....this is more down to P&T I suppose.

Umlauf Tue 04-Feb-14 13:51:07

I had an awful experience with this company over Christmas, I would avoid if you can. Not just the initial mistake, which I forgive, we all make mistakes, but the complete lack of apology and willingness to own it after.

They used the wrong parts on our bugaboo, called us liars, said we didn't know our left from our right (wtf?!) and refused to accept it back. When we returned bits to them they denied they had arrived until confronted with their own signatures on the tracking info. They then refused to refund, so I had to claim via my cc.


westbourneparkmum Fri 26-Sep-14 07:51:25

Avoid Buggy Pitstop at all costs! They have the worst customer service imaginable. Sent a part I ordered to the wrong address and then after promising to send a new one just refused. They also haven't refunded me.

It's not worth the hassle dealing with them if anything goes wrong.

Simonerowland Thu 03-Sep-15 23:26:11

Never use this company there a load of shit...
And your pram comes back worse then when it went there!!!
There rude and customer service is just as shit as there company....
U will be unhappy with the service

Rosielovi Wed 13-Apr-16 17:22:56

Avoid at all costs,
I took my bugaboo donkey here as one side wouldn't go down when collapsed and wanted to sell so thought I was best to have it fixed and made sure everything was in working order before I did,
The pram was in complete working order just not able to be fully collapsed,
They took it onto there workshop the returned 10 minutes later saying in there words "it's buggered and totally unfixable" he said I would need to but an entire chassis as they can't fix donkeys with spare parts as they're not available, he then went on to offer me £100 for spare parts!!!!
Baring in mind this pram was totally useable and also had everything (car seat adapters, rain over, side basket ect) with it, i thought this was just an insult and left thinking I would contact bugaboo themselves,
Anyway I then decided to use the pram again as it had warmed up and I was doing a lot more walking to find that the side which was once stuck was now in total collapse, so whatever was stuck has been unstuck making one side of the pram fall down and making it totally unusable ☹️ So now I've got a pram that is totally broken and unusable,
I contacted them and as always totally unhelpful, unapologetic and are denying even touching the pram!
Had they have said they couldn't fixed it and left it fine but they now actually broke it and...I'm gutted and now don't know what I can do with this pram!

Daddyamir1 Sat 02-Jul-16 13:49:36

Recommended by a friend about this company because my bugaboo cam was not folding.

Call them got booked in for the same day. The repair was done in an hour very happy


Amonf123 Mon 04-Jul-16 12:37:09

I have a very old bugaboo bee and have been to buggy pitstop twice. They have always given me great customer service in person and on phone, fixed it express and charged me regular rate, and gave me good advice about how much life is left in it. Worth the trip up there as I love my bee! I would recommend them.

cawkwana Wed 26-Apr-17 23:58:02

Just had a really good experience with Buggy Pitstop. They repaired a front wheel which had fallen off - they were clear with their process and charges, and even dropped it back into London which saved me a drive back out to Hendon. It feels good to have repaired something we might otherwise have thrown away.

BuggyPitstopLtd Thu 01-Jun-17 16:14:19

In response to Rosielovi:

Thank you for your feedback.

When your spouse came over with your stroller not folding, we fully explained that in order to identify the extent of the damage, we had to access the middle section of the chassis. We also very clearly stated that if the damage was severe, you may end up needing a full replacement chassis, as Bugaboo does not provide most of the serviceable parts for that section. We proceeded only after having your spouse's full authorisation and approval.
Regrettably the damage was severe and there was nothing that we could have done to fix it. We wish there were parts available to replace the broken ones, so we can help you out.
We are sincerely sorry about the way you felt and your frustration, but neither us (no matter how much we would have liked to) nor anyone else could have fixed that problem, as the needed parts were not available.

Kind regards
Theo Chatzigiannidis
Buggy Pitstop Ltd.

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