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Width of pushchairs

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K8eee Sat 09-Nov-13 09:06:50

So I'm pulling my hair out as all the pushchairs I like are 60cm wide. I've tried the bugaboo bee but not overly keen on it and I want something with 4 wheels, an all in one where it just takes a couple of adapters to change it from being able to use a car seat with it to the carry cot & pushchair attachment. I've yet to find a pushchair that will fit comfortably in my car too hmm and most brands are 59/60cm wide which is what I'm having a problem with. It's getting to the point that I may have to rethink what car I have, as we do a lot of driving around to see friends & family too as no one is just within walking distance confused HELP!!!

Ihateparties Sat 09-Nov-13 10:09:38

This question is made for me, I've been obsessed with the width of the blummin' things for years!

How narrow do you need something to be?

Narrower with carrycot and forward facing seat (or a pramette type thing) - there's a fair few once you start looking. The britax b motion is 56cm, cybex callisto is 53cm and the carrycot is gorgeous, the hauck Malibu is 54cm but the one I had was rubbish, maclaren xlr takes a cot but not carseat, ditto the babyzen 2014 yoyo which will offer a baby kit to make it suitable from birth. I could go on but stopping here I suspect you want parent facing beyond carrycot?

Reversible seat/book style fold and you're down to the bee, the easywalker mini at 55cm, the oyster at 56cm, the stokke scoot 54/5cm (i think?) and the silver cross wayfarer at 53cm.

If you look at an umbrella style fold (so the open pushchair is average width - 56-60cm - but the folded pushchair is a rectangular not box shape) then you have the new maxi cosi loola, also the Jane solo reverse and cross reverse, I think the mamas and papas switch easydrive might fall into this category but not totally sure. There will be a few more like this that just aren't springing immediately to mind, I think there's a babystyle one. The petite star bubble is good and narrow but no carrycot or carseat option.

The oyster gem folds small but 3 wheels where you wanted 4.

Any of that appeal or suitable? Originally I was bothered about folded width mainly, for the car, now I walk everywhere open width is more important. My dream would be a robust 4 wheeler with biggish wheels (possibly air tyres) decent suspension and a reversible seat that was about 52cm wide. The easywalker mini is the closest but once I realise that I realise I have a mental budget of under £350 and ideally much less than that :-/

poocatcherchampion Sat 09-Nov-13 19:33:38

and what a reply!!!! well done parties

Ihateparties Sat 09-Nov-13 20:49:40

Emmaljunga.. they do some narrow ones too. The city nitro is 56cm and there might even be a newer one that's 54 <googles>

Ihateparties Sat 09-Nov-13 21:16:00

This thing is due out very soon.

I'm not picky, I'd give it a go despite the dubious brand and their many and varied aesthetic crimes. 52cm wide.


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