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Double buggy...

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MrsRV Wed 06-Nov-13 11:39:53

I'm going to need a double buggy for 2 yo & newborn. I have quite a list of requirements... Is there anything that exists that has all of the following:-

- toddler can forward face, baby parent facing.
- can attach car seat
- can attach carrycot
- fits the boot of a corsa!!!!!
- converts from double to single - maybe... Although not actually really a necessity when I think about it.
- has basket space for a bit of shopping.


ThisIsMeNow Wed 06-Nov-13 11:47:36

No idea I'm afraid but bumping for you smile

WhatABeautifulPussy Wed 06-Nov-13 12:01:00

City select

MrsRV Wed 06-Nov-13 13:02:42

Ha, I love your name grin

City select is one I've looked at... Have you used it?

awakemysoull Wed 06-Nov-13 13:16:36

The Bugaboo donkey ticks all those boxes but it's bloody expensive

I used it when I had my sisters 2 because that's the buggy she chose and let me use it for the day. Oldest is 2 and the youngest was 3 months. One in the seat, one in the carry cot. Could also have the car seat on it. It fitted in the boot of my mini so no problem in a corsa

It's well worth a look

WhatABeautifulPussy Wed 06-Nov-13 13:24:16

Thanks! DS has a bit of an Owl and the Pussycar obsession and wanders round randomly shouting lines out. It makes me smile wink

I don't have one yet but have extensively test driven a friend's with 2 2yos in it as well as just her 2yo and baby and will be getting one when DC2 puts in an appearance (hopefully next month!). The flexibility of searing arrangements is what sold it to me, it folds up small, it's pretty good to push round town and has a good shopping basket. Plus to seat converts to the carrycot so you don't end up with a carrycot hanging round and she seems really happy with it as a follow on from her BJCM which is what I have too.

MrsRV Wed 06-Nov-13 13:47:15

The city select is about half the price of the donkey & I've heard about problems with being to wide for doorways with the donkey... However, I do like the idea of side by side for donkey.

poocatcherchampion Wed 06-Nov-13 19:06:19

oyster Max? .
only one I'm not sure of is car boot but the wheels come of easily and I reckon it would or almost would. worth a try..

neversleepagain Sat 09-Nov-13 14:26:13

icandy Pear does everything you mentioned. I love ours smile

Tiggywunkle Mon 11-Nov-13 16:45:55

The City Select should fit. The iCandy Peach Blossom may fit. After that I think you will struggle!

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