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Help! Best Travel System for bumpy roading new born upwards

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skyepie79 Tue 05-Nov-13 08:10:17

Hi, am new here. I'm rather boggled with all the different types of travel systems available. Can you help me pick a very good off road one which is light weight, not likely to roll/tip over. Great on open grass fields & muddy bumpy tracks. Not likely to get punctures, suitable from birth with out costing the earth? I've been looking at Jane Matrix Light/Bugaboo Buffalo/Baby Jogger extreme soooo confused about which to get. Any horsey/rural country ladies ideas xx

nowthenmardyfucker Tue 05-Nov-13 08:19:20

I have the Jane trider which is great 'off road' and has adjustable suspension to use as they grow. It also has foam tyres so they are puncture- proof. I took DD to Bramham horse trials when she was around 6 weeks old and it was great (made me feel like my PFB was safe and comfortable!) I used with the matrix light car seat so was suitable from birth as this is the car seat that converts to carry cot- heavy but very very useful.
Not the cheapest travel system around but well worth the money in my opinion. DD is now 6.5m and I luuurve my trider.

Daisybell1 Tue 05-Nov-13 16:22:20

I have a babyjogger summit and it handles everything I throw at it (we're sheep farmers half way up the pennines. I think it takes the babyjogger carry cot too if you want parent facing.

TribbleWithoutACause Tue 05-Nov-13 17:35:59

Have you thought of a sling?

Might be easier and comfy than hooking a pushchair over muddy fields.

christilass Wed 06-Nov-13 20:08:32

Hi , i live on a farm have 2 horses spending much of my day out on the farms helping husband, i bought the jane trider with lie flat transportet and strata car seat i do realy like it but its now only used when out shopping etc .... as i find it Extremely unstable in the fields etc ... i sourced an older style Jane slalom pro and its Amazing !!! its much much more stable and its utterly fantastic in fields through streams over rocks rutted ground .
iam at the moment trying to source another slalom pro its that good .
i have also tried the new style slalom and it does Not compare to the older style.
wish id bought a slalom pro to start with as it would have saved £900 !!

cupoftchai Wed 06-Nov-13 20:14:12

I love my out n about nipper. I think the newest version has car seat and carry cot adaptors. It's been on very rough walks! But also would second the sling idea. Or getting 2 buggies, an umbrella fold or second hand travel system for car/town and an all terrain one for, well, all terrain.

cupoftchai Wed 06-Nov-13 20:16:12

The nipper is suitable from birth even without carry cot, but I get that the carry cots look a great deal more appropriate for tinies.

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