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BJ Versa for 5lb baby?

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VeloWoman Mon 04-Nov-13 06:50:51

I need a pram for number two, DS was premature and 5lb when he came home from hospital, there is a high risk that this one will be early/very small as well.

I am really want a pram that is very smooth to push and a gentle ride for the baby (who would be in a carrycot on the versa of course). I want something that feels light to push (doesn't have to be light to lift) and that manoeuvres well.

I am hoping the versa ticks these boxes but I would love to hear from mums who have pushed this pram on pavements etc to let me know if it is nice a smooth to push. Also can it be pushed with one hand?

Some other prams I had considered are the baby jogger elite and the GT mini, MB swift and urban jungle however none of them parent face and other than the GT Mini they are all quite bulky - but I am willing to consider them if they are the most gentle ride for the baby.

One other consideration is that the baby may come home from hospital on oxygen (my DS did) and so I would like to confirm if the versa or the others would be able to fit a small portable ) o2 canister in the basket as well as a nappy bag.

Please help!

PumpingRSI Mon 04-Nov-13 08:43:55

Huge basket so can carry lots of heavy stuff. The versa is wonderfully light and easy to push one handed. My baby was a bit early and a bit over 5lbs and he was v comfy in the carrycot. Although he preferred bumpy ground to help him get to sleep!!

peanutMD Mon 04-Nov-13 09:54:55

I wasn't keen on the push of the Versa tbh as the suspension is only at the front so felt quite a hard ride to me but i do prefer the bigger prams with fixed wheels and all round suspension.

I have an Emmaljunga city cross which i love to bits and its relatively compact and light for a "proper" pram, easy and light to push with one hand (although turning corners you need 2 due to fixed wheels).

PatoBanton Mon 04-Nov-13 09:57:38

IMO the versa is a hard ride. I have the GT though which only has front? suspension, the normal one has more.

It is smooth and one handed is great but for a little baby I'd get something with air tyres, to prevent the moro reflex which can disturb their sleep (and with a prem I think sleep is v important?)

Emmaljunga is very very soft ride, I used ours when he was tiny.

VeloWoman Mon 04-Nov-13 10:29:40

Where I live they don't sell the versa gt so it would be the standard one we would get which has the all round suspension I think? An emmaljunga would cost me about nine hundred pounds which is out of our price range I am sorry to say.

Would the bj elite be a smoother ride? Our limit is about four hundred pounds.

Sorry to be difficult!

peanutMD Mon 04-Nov-13 12:25:58

It was the standard Versa i tried and the suspension felt non existant at the back tbh.

My Emmaljunga was £460 but we didn't go for the carrycot as it lays flat and DD was 12 weeks when we got it so not sure how much this costs.

The Babystyle Lux is a good bouncy pram too and i think £400 would get one with all accesories too.

I haven't used the Elite so not sure if its better than the Versa but any 3 wheeler I've used (Jane Slalom and M&P 03 Sport) have been excellent to push smile

Ihateparties Mon 04-Nov-13 13:12:31

The versa is easy to push one handed imo. The ride is fine for what it is, I found it smooth but not as bouncy as something with air tyres and more serious suspension.

You could try the nipper 360 with carrycot? Britax b motion with carrycot, icandy peach jogger (used for under 400 is do able), casual play kudu 3, uppababy vista (stretch the budget a little or used), brio go (only available used now but they are fantastic to push)?

None of the baby joggers except for the non gt versa and summit have rear suspension so despite the air or forever air tyres you do notice that imo. I had bjcmgt and it was lovely and light to push but not a mega cushy ride.

I loved the swift, very light to push and lovely ride, ditto the uj. Both have carrycots.

Tiggywunkle Sat 09-Nov-13 00:31:06

The Versa is a lovely all round pushchair. Its as good a pushchair as you can find TBH. The standard Versa suspension is just fine. I would highly recommend one.

VeloWoman Sat 09-Nov-13 06:17:39

Thanks for that tiggywunkle, do you think the versa basket would handle a small O2 canister or a school bag - less than 5kg? Also have you heard anything about the new bj carrycot for 2014, it,s supposed to fit all bj models and have a ventilated base like the vista carrycot?

Parsnipcake Sat 09-Nov-13 06:37:27

I foster very small babies and I find that the carseat with a sheepskin insert is far more comfy than a carrycot. They can snuggle rather than roll around. Carseats aren't recommended for long periods but with a tiny I am never out for long anyway. You can get inserts for about £20 from John Lewis.

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