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Help me find a pushchair

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Rotterwallah Sun 03-Nov-13 15:03:42

Dd is 2. We've had a bugaboo gecko got years and it's been fantastic for everything but dd is our last and I'm starting to think something light and compact for the very occassional times we need a pushchair now would be fun practical

Criteria are (is?) compact when folded
Can cope with rough terrain. Is either very cheap or easily available second hand

I'm watching a Micralite fastfold on eBay but I'm not sure, it v weird looking and I'm concerned is a bit too reclined

We have an old inherited maclaren which I like in many respects but it's so rattly, that might be because it's old, perhaps newer one wouldn't be so much

Is there something else I could consider?

TribbleWithoutACause Mon 04-Nov-13 10:30:19

Out and about nipper single, relatively compact and can cope with rougher terrain.

Ihateparties Mon 04-Nov-13 13:24:13

I had a nipper then later a gecko. The nipper is bigger, longer and slightly wider. Both are lovely to push. Depends what you want really.

But smaller than the gecko and suitable rough terrain is hard. Haven't used a micralite so not much help there, I hear lots of good things. A mountain buggy swift or britax b motion might do the job for you but again neither is by any reasonable margin smaller than the gecko.

If you're talking about robust rather than majorly terrain suitable there are probably a few more options. Or if you're willing to have something the same size but a 1 piece fold, such as the nipper.

PatoBanton Mon 04-Nov-13 13:27:38

Quinny Freestyle is very cheap on ebay, very ubiquitous and very good.

It folds really flat apart from the wheels which come off easily. The raincover is weirdly massive but you can get a generic one off ebay for about a tenner.

PatoBanton Mon 04-Nov-13 13:28:13

also it folds flatter than the nipper, I think. The basket is crap though.

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