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Bugaboo Donkey for large 2yo + newborn?

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schmalex Mon 28-Oct-13 09:02:52

I have a Bugaboo Donkey and I can't decide whether to spend more on the additional seat or just sell it and buy something else (Phil and Ted's?). The Bugaboo is in the cupboard as I currently use a MacLaren for my toddler, but I'm expecting DC2 in March. DC1 will be just two then so I will need some kind of double.

Has anyone used the Donkey for a 2yo and newborn and how did you find it? TIA.

Tiggywunkle Fri 01-Nov-13 23:31:28

Absolutely buy the second seat if its in the cupboard! Worst case, you hate it, and then you can sell it. But its far nicer than most other doubles on the market! I certainly wouldn't swap it lightly! Do you have room to walk into the house and leave it in Duo mode, or will you have to constantly convert it? The latter I found very hard going with 2 children to get ready, converting, adding 2 seats, dealing with 2 footmuffs, harnesses etc. If you are an ace at converting then its no problem. I just got fed up of doing it. But the push is beautiful with two on board smile

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