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Shared pushchair for newborn and 3yo? Been offered an old Bugaboo Cam...

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LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 21:15:50

I've tried to figure this out before I was pg, but now it's going to be a reality! Due in the Spring. Please bear with me as I try to explain... Apologies in advance, I waffle...

We have a had a BJCM since DS was 1 (will be just 3 when sibling arrives), but I was really keen for DC2 to be rear-facing for the first six months or so, which means finding a 2nd hand pushchair option.
We really don't have room for a double of any kind, or money for a brand new anything, and as DS is walking more and more I'm hoping he won't be so reliant on the pushchair by then, so ideally they'd just 'share' the buggy. By the time DC2 gets too heavy to sling carry, DS will definitely be out of his pushchair days.

The current plan is that DC2 will be in the BJCM in a soft Bugaboo Bee Cocoon when DS is happy walking, then DC2 will go in the sling (Ergo) when DS needs the pushchair (stowing the Cocoon in the basket).
However, the BJCM doesn't lie fully flat, so DC2 would have to forward face.

I'm now wondering if rear-facing is really that important. Thoughts welcomed!

A friend has offered me her old Bugaboo Cameleon1 for free. It'll need a chassis repair/replacement and a few parts (2 wheels and the seat cover).
Having checked them out today in store, I've only just realised the seat isn't suitable for newborns (oops as she's already lugged all the bits down from her attic blush). It doesn't lie flat at all, their feet would be up in the air, so I could only use the rigid carrycot for DC2, meaning DS wouldn't be able to share it.
If I'm going to do that, I may as well pick up a 2nd hand BJCM carrycot!

Have since been looking at 2nd hand Bugaboo Bees on eBay, as that would actually tick all the boxes - faces both ways, can use the soft Cocoon for the newborn and stow it when DS needs to sit/nap.
I have absolutely no idea what the heck the difference is between a Bee and a Bee+ either... T'internet has not explained as yet...

So, an eBay Bee/Bee+, an alternative (Maclaren Xsomething has been mentioned?), or forget about parent-facing altogether and stick with the good ol' BJCM?

brew & cake if you're still with me... Or maybe wine...

Please help me! Thank you

LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 21:24:29

Jeez I'm a plank. Just found this excellent video explaining the Bee/Bee+ differences... Clearly my Google skills were lacking yesterday...

Sleepyandiknowit Sat 26-Oct-13 21:34:56

Have used a soft carry cot like this ( not this one),default,pd.html
With the bjcm double. It clipped in the D ring even though it was mclaren. Meant my baby was rear facing.
Not used with the single but might be worth a look as might work for you.

Ihateparties Sat 26-Oct-13 21:41:41

Bee.. city mini.. Bee plus... all good. Bee with buggyboard option sounds reasonable for you. But so does city mini with carrycot and board.

Cam won't work unless you can stick with one occupant per outing and find spare seat frame and hood. Then you can pop on carrycot or seat depending on who will be using it. I did this with a gecko for dc1 and 2 and it was okay. I didn't think a bee would be robust enough where we live. Plus I do like a carrycot for a newborn.

3y olds hard to predict imo. Ds was well out of a buggy by 3, 3y8m old dd1 would get in any chance she gets and still relies on the board for a mile or two out of the day. 20m old Dd2 would walk everywhere if that was possible.

LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 22:11:04

Thank you for replying! I really need a medal emoticon for anyone who replies to my posts...

I've just been chatting with my Cameleon-offering friend, she's not too annoyed with me thank goodness!

Having watched that vid above and handled them in store, I am getting keener on the Bee+ with buggy board. I've pushed a friend's Bee with a board added and it was fine, I didn't even kick it.
The BJCM axle is so far back and the angle of the handle bar so high that I can't imagine it being comfy to push with a buggy board as well.

LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 23:03:10

Sleepyandiknowit Does your double BJCM lie properly completely flat?
The single version while 'suitable for newborn' doesn't quite recline completely flat, it's still up a bit at the back, so I didn't think I could use a soft insert-type carrycot parent-facing - the baby's feet would be raised, or they'd end up getting shuffled down to the lower end at the front...?

Ihateparties Sat 26-Oct-13 23:09:27

The graco and petite star soft cots have foam wedges in to account for that slight slope..

LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 23:16:06

Oooh that's good to know! I shall have to look them up - that would make the BJCM parent-facing for a while, and solve the damn dilemma once and for all! thanks

LongTailedTit Sat 26-Oct-13 23:28:28

I'm finding it really hard to tell which of these 'soft carrycots' are actually soft soft - got all keen on one then realised it has an aluminium frame!

I need a properly squashable one like the Cocoon that I can shove into the basket after moving the baby into the sling.

Most of the ones I've seen, bar the Bug Cocoon and the Phil & Teds, look like they have a pretty firm base and sides, and the MacLaren one looks completely rigid. confused

Ihateparties Sat 26-Oct-13 23:54:39

The graco and petite star ones are the only ones I've had. Both have plastic board bits in the base and also sides. You could remove the side ones, I guess maybe even the base one and leave just the foam wedge. It would then be kinda floppy. A bee cocoon is much more like a footmuff, squashable. Not sure whether a p and t cocoon would stuff in the basket or not. Hmmm.

<whispers> get a bee, it'll be easier and you won't regret parent facing beyond carrycot size..

LongTailedTit Sun 27-Oct-13 09:46:16

<Whispers back> I am getting very tempted to do just that! grin
I've joined a Facebook Bug selling page, but will get searching eBay too.

Sleepyandiknowit Sun 27-Oct-13 16:32:22

It didn't lie completely flat but as the others said it had a wedge so worked well. Plastic side though. No way it would have gone in the basket, sorry missed that requirement in first read. Oops.

Rockchick1984 Sun 27-Oct-13 16:34:44

I've ordered a Graco Evo for the same age gap, the seat is fine from newborn, but plenty big enough for my tall DS. I've got the carry cot as well for normal daily use, but if we are going to be out all day I'll use the seat and have a sling under the pram so can swap DS into it and put DD in the sling if necessary smile

Artandco Sun 27-Oct-13 16:38:30

Get a bee + and cocoon. By 3 it will probably be v rare eldest needs to sit, especially if you have a board. All the bugaboos seems to work particularly well with the buggy boards.

I have seen the bee + on eBay for £100-200 depending on accessories ( ie higher includes cocoon etc)

Sleepyandiknowit Sun 27-Oct-13 16:46:33

Looks like it collapses flat. Don't know if it has the wedge. In vid she says it can go parent facing but doesn't show it that way.

Could be worth a look... Or pretend I said nothing and get the bee ;)

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