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Silver Cross Kensington Pram / Car

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LadyShoey Fri 25-Oct-13 12:46:30

Managed to get a beautiful Silver Cross Kensington pram, you can separate it quite easily into 2 halves and fold the chassis down. Has anyone else had one of these and put them in a car? Would love to know what cars can fit them in the boot.
Any help/experiences greatly appreciated! grin

SJBean Fri 25-Oct-13 21:14:13

Hello! We have a silver cross Kensington and have had it for three years and used for two babies and will be for the next one! It is a fab pram and we get stopped at least half a dozen times each outing to be congratulated on buying a 'proper pram' lol! If you're having a bad day just take this out and instantly be cheered up! HOWEVER despite being able to dismantle it it is definitely not one for the car!!! We only did this once and it was a mission! There is a big risk of it getting scratched and the oil from it coming off on the other stuff you may have in the boot. My advice would be to enjoy your Kensington as your walking pram and buy another one for the car. (Also remember to dry the Kensington off when you come in out of the rain)

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