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Joovy caboose- does this look legit?!

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ThisIsMeNow Sun 20-Oct-13 12:17:01


ThisIsMeNow Sun 20-Oct-13 12:17:36

I've been looking at these but this seems too good to be true?

bundaberg Sun 20-Oct-13 12:18:21

looks pretty dodgy to me, i wouldn't buy from them

whitewineforme Sun 20-Oct-13 13:09:50

I wouldn't - there's no landline number given on their website, only a mobile. There's no address either so risky if anything goes wrong.

lauren6283 Mon 21-Oct-13 16:39:36

It could be legit as they are bringing out a new version of this stroller according to the pushchair trader site but like whitewineforme says there is no landline number, no address or anything you could use to track them down if it didn't turn up. I wouldn't risk it but be very careful if you do.

Tiggywunkle Tue 22-Oct-13 21:36:28

You can buy via Paypal which would give you protection.

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