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iCandy peach 2 / cherry adapter

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Northernista Wed 16-Oct-13 20:48:24

We've just purchased an iCandy 2 pushchair as our first baby is due in a week and a half - eek!

Trying to save a little money I bought an iCandy Cherry carrycot on eBay thinking that it would fit into the Peach pushchair. Unfortunately I've just discovered that it doesn't - boo!

Does anyone know of there is an iCandy adapter to fit the Cherry carrycot into the Peach? I've searched everywhere I can think of and drawn a blank. The only adapters I can see are ones for car seats.

Anyone out there able to help?

Ihateparties Wed 16-Oct-13 21:14:02

No, there isn't, you can't do it. Re sell the cherry cot and buy a peach one grin

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