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One Buggy for two kids? Is the Uppababy Vista the answer?

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undecidedingermany Thu 10-Oct-13 15:52:37

My husband is in the armed forces and we are stationed overseas where there are no decent baby shops and none of them sell the ones I am interested in. So I have to order online, unseen, untested and have it shipped. So I look to the greater good in terms of knowledge and advice.

I currently have a Bugaboo Bee Plus and a Maclaren Twin Techno (which we got on a very good deal when visiting the UK) for a then soon to be newborn and a toddler. The problem now is DS has had a massive growth spurt and his feet touch the wheels on the Maclaren. He seems ok width wise (he’s just turned 2 1/2 years old and is 99cm tall and weighs approx 18kg). We don’t need a double all the time as he goes to nursery, but when we do go out he does get tired and still likes to nap.

DD is now 8 months old. She barely naps in her buggy, but seems to like using the leg rest .
My dilema is whether to buy the Uppababy Vista so I can use the rumble seat occasionally. DS would have to go in the main seat as he has clearly reached the weight limit of the rumble. DD would go in the she doesn’t nap in buggies the lack of recline shouldn’t be an issue. Has anyone used the rumble?

This seems like the best option on paper as theoretically if I don’t have both out with me they can alternate as the weight capacity on the Vista goes up to 22kg, but its a lot of money to spend if I get it wrongsad

Or do I just get another single with a high weight limit (ie Baby Jogger Elite/GT, Maclaren XLR) and we push one buggy each until we can get him to use (and stay!) a buggy board?

Ihateparties Thu 10-Oct-13 16:29:40

I haven't used it but I know someone that did and the main comment was how extremely bolt upright the rumble seat is. It may not be a problem but considering how things can change over time it could become as issue if you do end up with both wanting to sleep at the same time in the future.

I have been tempted by the vista more than once for the situation you describe though. Could a mountain buggy +one also work? This is another one where one child has a bolt upright seat though.

Otherwise you're in phil and teds territory. Possibly a tfk joggster twist with buddyseat?

undecidedingermany Thu 10-Oct-13 19:33:52

Ihateparties, you're so right, I hadn't thought that far ahead re both wanting to nap at the same timesad

I wasn't sure about the phil and teds. I have a friend who has one, and she has complained about constant punctures so I wanted to steer clear of air-filled tires. If I had to I suppose I would have to look at the Navigator as it has a larger seat than the Dot

Never heard of the tfk jogger, I'll take a look. Thank you

Reiltin Thu 10-Oct-13 19:42:18

Haven't used it but we bought the vista for dd (now 4m) because it's future-proof.

bundaberg Thu 10-Oct-13 19:44:15

what about the britax b-dual?

personally i'd prob go with a proper double tbh... baby jogger city mini? or a mountain buggy?

Ihateparties Thu 10-Oct-13 19:55:54

It's hard with an over 18kg child. Especially with tandems.

I'm sure the dot would be too small, I was looking at one earlier on and thinking my average sized 19m old would fill the lower seat and then some. My 3yo would sit in it anyway(option of seat over self propulsion and she would take it everytime however uncomfortable) but she would be well over the top height wise.

I have a couple of periodical pushchair nap refusers and one total refuser, I find it inherently hard to predict whether it's a habit a baby under 1 has either given up for good or may come back to :-/

The TFK has air tyres too as does the +one. Higher weight limits, easier to push more weight in I guess?

Gooseysgirl Thu 10-Oct-13 20:03:13

We have the vista and I'm about to order the rumble seat as we are expecting Dc2 shortly. Not sure how it'll go but one of. the reasons we bought the vista was so that we would be able to convert to double if needs be. I have two friends who have mountain buggy duets and really rate them! Not sure if the tyres are air filled or not and the seats are forward facing, but the seats can recline separately which would be a bonus if only one if the kids is having a nap.

BerryGood Thu 10-Oct-13 20:50:16

I have an old phil and teds sport I paid £75 for and it does the job. Both seats recline and can be napped in, kids can swap seats (one tall one!) although the taller one can't recline in the lower seat. I've never had a single puncture, but I've heard you can have the tyres filled with slime/ foam.

For the amount of time you'll need it for at that age I'd get a cheapie as it's a short window you'll use it. My the time it's bought and shipped you'll be lucky to use a double for six months. I use my double about 2/3 times a month for a 3.4 yr old and we walk MILES. He can climb in the p&t fine. He fits in both seats and wear age 4-5.

I can't fault the p&t, it's not perfect but it's a light push and as indestructable as a small tank. However it is NOT good for getting in and out of a boot. I have a lightweight single for this as a second pram which works for me but it wouldn't be a good option if you plan to use it as a double plus drive. It's basic but a donkey of a buggy.

undecidedingermany Fri 11-Oct-13 19:52:37

Thanks for all the help. It is a pain that buggies only go up to 15kg. Though in the States they test them to a higher weight capacity. I've done a bit more digging and BerryGood is right, I may not get much use out of one by the time it gets shipped heresad

I've found a cheap alternative called the Graco Trekko Duo. Mothercare have it for £185 it seems like a cheaper version of the Phil and Teds. Also found a Phil and Teds S4? Apparently it's a new model that is sold in the US for $350 and has puncture free tyres!! I have a friend who lives there and will ship it, but the reviews don't seem too positive. Anyone have either of these?

I tried so many doubles when we visited the uk and DS didn't fit in any of them (and he as lighter then!)....donkey, B-agile, Mountain Buggy Duet, Out and About, ICandy....the list goes onsmile He did fit in the Baby Jogger GT but as we knew we would only use the buggy 1-2 times a week with both of them it didn't seem worth it.

Rhubarb78 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:11:45

I have the dot but for younger children and they are both around 25th centile so not big kids. From what you have said i think a phil and teds would suit you but maybe a bigger model than the dot with a reclining second seat. My 19 mo sleeps in the bottom seat reclined really well. I havent used the graco but have seen it and its looks pretty big next to my dot but depends what your needs are. I live in a city so compact is important for me

BerryGood Sat 12-Oct-13 22:18:30

My friend has the graco, the steering difference is HUGE compared to the phil and teds. I could barely shift it on corners. this can be found even cheaper around and I found it quite nice to push for a cheapie. Plus not too bad a fold. Biggest shopping basket EVER as a single and second seat is a fair size. Ok on the bus etc, I only swapped for the phil and teds as I do so much forest walking.

BerryGood Sat 12-Oct-13 22:20:46

I do find btw the cheap three wheelers are the worst prams I've had for steering and getting about with. The front wheels just do the wrong thing.

Tiggywunkle Sun 13-Oct-13 16:48:51

The only way the Vista works is if the child in the rumble seat doesnt nap - its impossible for a child to nap without horrible head loll in the rumble seat, and they also have to fit into the tight weight limit too.

I would maybe recommend the Oyster Max to you. The front seat is huge. Whilst the pushchair is a good size as a single, I would rather have the Oyster Max as a double - its easy and light to steer. Otherwise have a look at the Mountain Buggy +One but you need to think through where each child is, and its no good if the eldest naps. The TFK Joggster Twist is good, but I dont think you will be able to have the baby reclined on top unless you buy the Multi X carrycot too. Whichever pushchair you get, you will need to consider where the sleeping child is, and what if both are sleeping.

mikkii Sun 13-Oct-13 16:58:05

I got serious buggy envy when I met a mum with the joovy caboose you can get a seat that attaches to the rear bench seat and each seat can go up to 20.4 kg.

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