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Emmaljunga - where to view/test in London?

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alecialondon Fri 04-Oct-13 10:09:32

Hi all,

We'd narrowed our buggy choices down to the Mima Xari and the Joolz Day, but now we've seen the Emmaljunga and just love the look. BUT we can't find anywhere in London that stocks it and is open on the weekend (Baby Dino in Fulham is helpfully open week days only, and we work and I don't really feel we should need to take a day off to go buggy shopping angry!). Does anyone know where else it is stocked (the Emmaljunga website only lists Baby Dino in London) and does anyone have any experience/reviews they coudl share. We've been using bestbuggy for reviews but they don't seem to have it on there.

Alecia smile

gruber Tue 15-Oct-13 13:03:46

I'm really sorry I don't have anything helpful to add (not London !) but we love our Emmaljunga. Have an Edge 3-in-1 on a classic chassis (probably not good for London!). Use it every day. Walk miles with it (& you can get an awful lot under it in the basket.) if you can see one in real life I would - you may need to make a journey though I'm afraid. Worth seeing it in the flesh to appreciate the size!! We have taken it away on hols though as we couldn't be parted from it, DS sleeps really well in it.


gruber Tue 15-Oct-13 13:07:04

Also, we took it on hols because it saved taking a Moses basket as well as pram when DS was tiny - it was fab. And he was really settled on hols because he was still sleeping somewhere familiar. Completely weather proof too (the Swedish know how to cope with weather!). Never had a puncture or flat in nearly 9 months, whereas we've had 3 on our jogger.

peanutMD Wed 16-Oct-13 23:34:30

Which model are you looking at?

I had the Cerox (a.k.a the beast) for DS and absolutely loved it! Solid build, could push with one finger, low snuggly seat and pretty much weatherproof with the insect net/adhustable hood/ breathable panel and big wheels.

It was BIG though!

We now have the City Cross (a.k.a the mini beast) and love it too, i miss the flip over handle but its no big deal. Again feels solidly built, weatherproof and is quite compact for a proper pram style but still with the large seat.

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