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Calling all iCandy Apple/Peach Jogger experts

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pinguescent Mon 16-Sep-13 09:24:28

Following helpful advice on another thread, I've hoping to buy an iCandy Jogger to use for long walks in fields, woodland etc. I've been looking on ebay to buy secondhand and am confused by the iCandy model system.

I need the three wheel version - which I believe is the Jogger. I've seen some models where the single front jogger wheel can be replaced by two wheels to make a four-wheeler, but am not sure if this is possible on all models. Some models (older ones?) seem to have two wheels close together to form the 'single' front wheel. The Peach seems to have a specific model called the Jogger, but I'm not sure if all Apples are Joggers. There also seems to be something called a Jogger Carrycot (with better suspension or something!) which needs to be used instead of the normal carrycot for Jogger models. My questions if anyone can help are:

- Are all Apples Joggers, or do I need to look specifically for an Apple Jogger?
- Is it the older Apple model which has the two wheels close together forming the single front wheel, and the newer models have just one front wheel?
- Can all Joggers (both Apple and Peach) be converted from three to four wheels?
- Do you have to use a Jogger Carrycot if you intend to use it as a three wheeler?
- Would you recommend one over another (old/new model, Peach/Apple?)

As I'm buying secondhand I'd like to be sure of the model I need as I can't take it back if it's wrong. Pram shops only have the newest model so I can't go to John Lewis or somewhere for advice on older models.

Can anyone help...?

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