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Alternatives to the Babyzen Yoyo?

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BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Sat 14-Sep-13 19:26:37

Casualplay Livi? Basically as small and light as possible. One handed push.

Any suggestions?

BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Sun 15-Sep-13 20:29:03


whitewineforme Mon 16-Sep-13 11:30:16

Apart from the ones you've mentioned, other suggestions I've seen on here are Nuna Pepp, Quinny Zapp Xtra and the new Mamas and Papas Armadillo. Not sure if any of them fit the bill but HTH!

Tiggywunkle Mon 16-Sep-13 23:35:42

I have a new Graco Evo Mini and am loving it. I didn't expect to TBH and its not perfect but its SO light and so easy to use, and sturdy and has a HUGEEEEEE basket. My Yoyo has been temporarily thrown out of the car! I think the other main choices are all listed above. I would add the Oyster Gem in as well - it will be out soon although its probably not light.

BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Fri 20-Sep-13 23:00:44

I'm on the verge of buying the yoyo...but I'm terrified there's something better out there

Tedder Sat 21-Sep-13 06:43:11

Quinny are releasing the Zapp Xtra 2 which folds with the seat on and faces both ways.

Tiggywunkle Wed 25-Sep-13 14:16:14

There's going to be a new Babyzen YoYo with a parent facing seat for a LO soon smile

BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Wed 25-Sep-13 23:41:34

Oooh! Can you link Tiggy?

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