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Graco Quattro Tandem Duo - Advice please

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Artandco Sun 15-Sep-13 10:29:03

I would recommend the nipper v3 twin. It's not megabucks ( around £300 ish), and is fairly narrow for side by side. It also fits a buggy board on the back you could use for eldest. And as both seats lie flat you could quickly swap baby from seat into sling if you need eldest to sit down. Also light weight and huge basket to hold everything for x3 little ones.

MiaowTheCat Fri 13-Sep-13 08:39:49

I gave up on the whole tandem thing with an 11 month age gap - ended up with a Nipper side by side which I love (keep dropping hints I want to upgrade to a V3 though). The width thing had initially put me off but after using a stroller fold one thAT WE 211KEEP1 IN1 THE 1CAR 1LOT1S - I realised it wasnt the issue I'd though it was.

( Post "assisted" by my 17 month old)

Tiggywunkle Thu 12-Sep-13 21:47:47

It is absolutely massive folded. The people who bought mine had an estate car, and still couldn't fit it in! They slid it onto the back seat in the end. It did fit in my car boot though. But its a difficult pushchair because the seats are odd sizes. The biggest seat is in the back but yet the only decent recline is in the back. The front seat has very little recline which I suspect will be a real issue later on for you with say two 12 month olds. Do you really want your babies in a car seat for long periods of time too? Its a very very heavy pushchair as well but the basket is great.

Seriously, I would set your budget and watch Ebay until you find a bargain. I would much prefer to have something like a side by side Baby Jogger City Mini / Sidewalk / Metro / Classic or an Air Buggy Mimi than a Quattro Tour Duo. Do you really need a tandem?

Franchini Thu 12-Sep-13 13:54:06

Thanks Twinsufficient - What car did you have at the time? It looks massive to fit in the boot!

twinsufficient Thu 12-Sep-13 11:13:47

I used this for my twins and it was brill. Lasted all the way through till they didn't need it any longer. Good shopping basket too! Try and get the car seat bases for the car - they will save you ages when getting them in and out. Good luck!

Franchini Thu 12-Sep-13 11:06:36

Hi All

I am expecting twins! I already have a 22 month old daughter.

We have my daughers car seat from when she was born and in order to cut costs we are thinking of getting the Graco Quattro Duo Tandem pram/pushchair which my daughters car seat will fit into (meaning we will only need to buy one extra car seat!) and it will also be good if my daughter (toddler) will need to have a ride in the front if she is tired!

Just wondering what Tandem pram you have got and if you have had/used the Graco Quattro Tandem duo and what you think of it?

Bearing in mind we have limited funds and cant really afford to spend £1000 in a new pram system!

I have read the reviews and some people think it is great and some people think it is heavy and difficult too use. I suppose you can only compare it to what you are used to though!

Please comment as it will help our choice greatly.


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