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Buggy board joy!

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Ruu Wed 11-Sep-13 19:27:15

Just wanted to share my new set up.

The Lascal board with extenders fits the Mutsy Evo (blue one with seat is currently on offer at Boots) beautifully. I have two very tall boys - the first one on the top centile and the second not even on the chart!- (3 and almost 6 months).

As the gap between the handle and seat is so large there is plenty of standing room with the seat facing backwards (haven't tried it with the seat facing forwards yet). I can go up and down kerbs, turn very easily and my standing DS feels really secure.

The only slight niggle is that you can't use the break very easily with the board down. The shopping basket is also very shallow at the front but I've easily solved by putting in a woven plastic shopper to improve the storage.

Before this I was trying to use my BJCM with the board which was such hard work.

Ihateparties Wed 11-Sep-13 19:46:47

This is a good thread.

My best board and pushchairs combos so far in terms of getting to walk normally are the britax b motion and lascal maxi and the joie chrome and lascal mini. You can't fully recline the b motion but with the seat parent facing on the joie lying the pushcbair flat is no problem. Also the chrome basket is mahoosive.

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