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Next stage pushchair/buggy revisited....

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RapunzelsHairBrush Wed 11-Sep-13 19:26:18

Have posted on the same topic recently but have considered my options further, so sorry but I need to ask for opinions/advice again! And sorry if this has been done to death before...

I have the Britax B-Smart 3, which has done well, but the seat has given up the ghost. We have decided to try to fix it for the more all-terrain/off road uses on occasion, so I would really like a more nippy, urban type pushchair for DS to get regular use out of. The Chicco London is fine for the occasional use/holiday/toddlers etc but its not really comfortable enough for extended everyday use and the straps are way too big.

Must haves:
*Easy one-handed push/steering ( for gripping DD's hand as we walk whilst pushing)
*A smallish fold ( doesn't have to be the smallest out there but ideally small)
*A comfortable, supportive seat, but not too bulky as DS likes to look around and try to reach out apparently (he couldn't do this in the Britax, as the sides are quite built-up, and can in the Chicco London and seems to like it)
*Ideally lasting DS into toddlerhood (he is 10mo & average size)
*Fully adjustable harness

Very nice to haves:
*Big basket
*Adjustable handle
*Narrowish size to fit in/around shops - certainly narrower than the Britax, which I think is around 62cm

Open to debate:
*3 or 4 wheels

Budget, but we're looking at the lower price range really will struggle to convince DH to spend our money otherwise

Can be just forward facing.

Have a Kiddicare, Mothercare, Toys R Us, Smyths Toys, Mamas and Papas not far away, have never ventured near any of the independent stores so don't know if they are quality or not, but have plenty of options essentially...

Any suggestions very much appreciated. TIA smile

Oh and I do like the look of the BJCM and BJCM GT but wonder if they're still quite bulky pushchairs, although know they get a lot of positive reviews.

Ihateparties Wed 11-Sep-13 19:58:35

I have brain fail and can't remember what was said on the last thread.

I'm gonna open with the bjcmgt and bjcm4 are both 62cm wide. Their width is the worst thing about baby joggers for me, almost everything else it fabulous. The gt is pretty long too.. so if compact is what you're looking for primarily then the gt is not it. I liked mine a lot and when i see other people pushing them they look neat but i felt like it was just big when i was pushing one.

I would suggest the britax b agile but i'm not convinced you'd find the seat supportive enough, it's a bit awkward, a bit too reclined. Overall it's narrower at 58cm and slightly more compact than a city mini. I have the b motion, the air tyre version and the seat has the same issue (i fixed mine but you don't necessarily want to start out having to change stuff).

You could maybe take a look at the mamas and papas sync and the new armadillo, altho i'm always a bit dubious having heard so many terrible stories about their customer services.

A micralite of some sort? Joovy groove?

Imo people put up with the added size/width of the baby joggers because their product is the closest to this brief that you can get plus the fold is so great.

Aldwick Wed 11-Sep-13 20:05:11


RapunzelsHairBrush Wed 11-Sep-13 21:56:28

Thanks both.

ihateparties - Tiggy suggested BJCMGT, iCandy, nipper & easywalker I think. I see what you mean about the pros of the city over the cons - it's so tricky to know where to start and get everything you want without keep making expensive mistakes.

I'll have a look at the ones you suggested. I think I would probably choose to avoid the Britax for the reason you mention - the seat seems to be the weak point in a lot of their pushchairs, which is a shame.

Know nothing about microlites so will get researching.

Thanks smile

RapunzelsHairBrush Thu 12-Sep-13 18:06:09

May have bought a Mamas and Papas Armadillo today wasn't a bit of an impulse buy or anything, oh no blush and if it delivers on even half of its promises, then I will be a very happy bunny smile Will report back after a few weeks use and review its achievements! wink

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