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Silver cross surf all terrain

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Tiggywunkle Mon 16-Sep-13 23:45:08

I think its difficult because the Surf really hasn't been an all terrain pushchair - in fact the complete opposite. Even now I find the two dont quite sit properly with me, but the concept is good. The Surf is a 'pretty' about town pushchair and I can't see it being pushed across a muddy field! Does that make sense?
I have had the Surf and although it was lovely, I think there's better pushchairs out there. I had pieces fall off. I found the seesaw opening really weird. The poor storage frustrated me, and the handlebar didn't stand up well to having a bag hanging off it. I found the baby insert very high on the top of the seat - the carrycot is nicer for a winter baby.
The seat is large and well padded. The hood is good.

JennyRod82 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:52:14

Hi Hayley,

I'm new to the site too and i'm also looking at getting the surf all terrain but can't find any reviews so i can't help out on that front, however i've been to 2 different shops (little, independent retailers) that have the prams on display.
If you go onto the Silver Cross website, click on the store finder and put in your location, it should come back with a list of Silver Cross stockists on your area. The only thing i would say, is that if there are a few in your area - go to all of them, because i've found that the prices vary greatly and some have deals that include changing bags or car seats etc. They don't seem to have them in the big stores which seems silly to me as i imagine that's where most people go and look at prams!
Good luck smile

hayley27m Tue 10-Sep-13 13:14:42

Hi ladies I'm new to this so thanks for taking the time to look. I'm after some advice regarding the surf all terrain. I can't find many reviews online and I can't find anywhere to go and see one of these. If anyone has one and can share any info about it that would be great. I've seen the original surf and am wondering how different it is? Also can you only buy online and if so why? There is just not a lot of information out there, I am stuck between this and the bugaboo cameleon. Thanks in advance.

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