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Help me make a final purchase please!

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WeAreSix Thu 05-Sep-13 14:14:53

I've posted about this before and have been indecisive. This morning's walk to school has sealed the fate of my Oyster... I was hoping that as DD got bigger she would fill the seat unit more and not slip quite so much. At 13 months she's not huge but she's quite tall, and yet she's slumped in the seat and clearly (loudly!) not comfortable.

So the plan is to sell the Oyster with the Carrycot. Not sure how much I can expect to get for it? It is in good - excellent used condition.

The replacement needs to be:
-Inexpensive (budget is virtually nil!)
-Parent facing
-4 wheels
-Light and easy to steer
-Preferably lie flat seat unit as DD still naps in her buggy and I prefer to lay her down. I don't like the bucket seats like the Quinny.
-Decent basket for lunchboxes / bookbags / drinks.
-Not anything Britax.

The M&P Sola is on offer at the moment, but the basket looks tiny.

I promise maybe with my fingers crossed that this is the last time I ask and this is the last pushchair I buy. Or possibly not just don't tell DH


WeAreSix Mon 09-Sep-13 18:53:35

I wouldn't have discounted the Vista entirely... But when DH saw the price tag he nearly fell over smile

BJCM has arrived - OMG the fold is uh-maz-ing! The handle is a little high for a shorty like me, but otherwise I like it.

Not sure if the Graco will belong to me for long. The hunt for pushchair number 12 may start sooner rather than later!

Safmellow Tue 10-Sep-13 07:14:30

£140 for BJCM - bargain! That's cheaper than a lot of second hand ones. If the handle is high your next hunt could be for a GT smile. Enjoy!

WeAreSix Tue 10-Sep-13 19:33:40

Versa GT - yes please!

I'm converted. BJCMs are a bit like iPads I fear... Once you've tried one there's no going back!

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