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Help me make a final purchase please!

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WeAreSix Thu 05-Sep-13 14:14:53

I've posted about this before and have been indecisive. This morning's walk to school has sealed the fate of my Oyster... I was hoping that as DD got bigger she would fill the seat unit more and not slip quite so much. At 13 months she's not huge but she's quite tall, and yet she's slumped in the seat and clearly (loudly!) not comfortable.

So the plan is to sell the Oyster with the Carrycot. Not sure how much I can expect to get for it? It is in good - excellent used condition.

The replacement needs to be:
-Inexpensive (budget is virtually nil!)
-Parent facing
-4 wheels
-Light and easy to steer
-Preferably lie flat seat unit as DD still naps in her buggy and I prefer to lay her down. I don't like the bucket seats like the Quinny.
-Decent basket for lunchboxes / bookbags / drinks.
-Not anything Britax.

The M&P Sola is on offer at the moment, but the basket looks tiny.

I promise maybe with my fingers crossed that this is the last time I ask and this is the last pushchair I buy. Or possibly not just don't tell DH


Ihateparties Thu 05-Sep-13 20:44:36

Sola basket is alright actually, better than it looks. The Joie Chrome fits your bill also. The graco Evo too. Mutsy Evo.

The chrome folds with the seat parent facing too which is handy.

LillyofWinchester Thu 05-Sep-13 20:52:16

I was going to suggest the sola and then I read you are already thinking about it. I wouldn't let the size of the basket put you off, I can cram loads under mine, as long as you don't load it up with really heavy stuff you'll be ok.

The best thing is it lies really flat and is easy to tilt back, and is really comfy for them to sleep in.

The only thing I'd say is the easy to steer requirement, well it's okay, but not the best (compared to something like a bugaboo). Oh and also the hood doesn't come very far down, but again, not a deal breaker unless you are somewhere really sunny!

WeAreSix Thu 05-Sep-13 21:41:30

Thanks for replies.

DH has miraculously agreed to purchase! But has asked me to also look at second hand.

Ihateparties I've looked online at all of those, so that's reassuring.

Lilly The steer is important. I've got a dodgy back so if its anything like a Tesco trolley I can't even consider it.

If it helps with recommendations - the points I love about the Oyster (and why it hasn't yet been replaced) is that it is light and easy, and also the sunshade under the seat. If it wasn't for the seat being a few degrees off upright, it would be perfect. It was perfect with the carrycot. Sigh.

siblingrevelry Fri 06-Sep-13 10:15:19

I had the Loola 2nd hand as a parent facing, and found it comfortable for both boys, sturdier and cosier than a stroller but still an umbrella fold so good for the car/hols. Good sized basket too if I recall (I had two do can't have been bad!)

Don't know what they go for 2nd hand these days but might be another model you could look into?

WeAreSix Fri 06-Sep-13 10:59:14

I think I'd like to look at:

-Maxi Cosi in general. I love the car seat so I'd like to have a play with the new Loola, Mura Plus 4 and Elea.

-Graco Sky and Evo.

-M&P Sola.

There are 2nd hand Loolas on eBay for under £80, but I don't think its worth replacing my Oyster unless its better and I'm not convinced. One of the school mums has one and she finds it heavy to lift into the car and it looks a bit clunky.

I'm just impossible to please!

Tiggywunkle Fri 06-Sep-13 12:19:37

We are six I hear you completely. Those few degrees off upright are critical. I had the Oyster Max after the Oyster, and the Max HAS an extra recline position which gives it an upright seat and a lie flat position. What is my perfect combination is the Max seat on the Oyster chassis. Now its totally not safety approved, but how about seeing if a local retailer would a) let you try this out and b) order you a seat as a spare.

Failing that, consider an Oyster Max. The Mutsy Evo is SO like the Oyster seat as well - but has the extra seating position like the Oyster. I wish the basket wasnt quite as shallow at the back and the handle was extending like the Oyster, but its a good suggestion.

The Graco Evo is light and a very useful pushchair. I really like it. The new Sky looks good too. I like the iCandy Cherry too. I dont like the Sola at all sad

WeAreSix Fri 06-Sep-13 12:31:58

The seat is so frustrating. DD slumps like a drunk in it - she's in it for a good couple of hours a day it can't be good for her spine.

DH has just rung and said he will take me to the pram shop tomorrow if I stop flooding his inbox with links to pushchairs grin The shop is where I got the Oyster from so hopefully they'll have the max too. They carry a good stock so I should be able to see a few on my list.

I discounted the icandy in favour of the Oyster seat! DH preferred the movement in the seat unit to lay back.

Thanks again for replies. No one else understands my pushchair obsession! How do I get a job as a reviewer?!

WeAreSix Fri 06-Sep-13 12:37:00

Tiggy does the Max 2nd seat fit onto the main chassis? There's one on eBay for £50 which would solve my problem for a bargain price!

Tiggywunkle Fri 06-Sep-13 12:47:00

Yes, but the second seat doesnt have the full recline which you would need, hence not suggesting it.

I know you dont want a bucket seat (I prefer them personally but I know people dont), but the Baby Jogger Versa is excellent too, as is the Vista. I know if I were to be laid back, I would rather be tipped back, than bent back.
Oh and look at the Mutsy Igo too.

LOL re understanding your pushchair obsession! I will hold hands with you as a fellow addict smile

WeAreSix Fri 06-Sep-13 13:27:08

Such an expensive obsession!

Shame about the second seat. When I looked closer, the hood doesn't look the same as a main seat either.

I've spoken to the lady at the pram shop. They don't have the new Loola, and likely won't be getting it as they don't sell enough of them. She thinks I might think all of the Maxi Cosi range are a bit chunky in comparison to the Oyster. She also suggested the Sola, so I will have a look at that (but I haven't yet liked a M&P pushchair!)

She tried the Oyster Max seat unit while I was on the phone and said it fitted beautifully, so I could use that as an option. She did say that she couldn't see much difference in the seating position and was quite surprised that I wasn't getting on with the seat. I will take DD in the Oyster tomorrow and have a bit of a walk around so she slumps and then I can show them what I mean.

Oh how I am looking forward to a morning of buggy play tomorrow smile

SilverSixpence Fri 06-Sep-13 15:47:31

I'm starting to really like the Mutsy Igo, the seat is fantastic, goes from perfectly upright to completely flat lying down, dd looks v comfortable in it. The basket although not deep is good for 2-3 bags grocery shopping. The fold is amazingly small esp once you take the wheels off.

WeAreSix Sat 07-Sep-13 12:06:35

Have seen the Graco Sky this morning. It is horrible... Big, bulky, clunky. Despite its £250 price tag, it looks cheap and plastic-y. The concept is good, though.

Tiggywunkle Sat 07-Sep-13 12:34:28

:\ re the Sky. I need to pop and have a look at it sometime.

There is absolutely a difference between the Oyster and the Oyster Max seats. Definitely check it out yourself.

Theres 6 months between these photos (which I know makes a difference) but This is the Oyster and This is the Oyster Max. You can clearly see the difference in the seating position of the front Max seat compared to the Oyster one. I know the Oyster seat is even more reclined parent facing than forward facing too. I absolutely know that there is a difference and the Oyster Max seat is more upright.

Ra88 Sat 07-Sep-13 12:41:03

I love my loola and will be using it for ds2 ! very easy to steer , parent facing , good size hood too!

Ihateparties Sat 07-Sep-13 12:44:31

I saw the sky yesterday and thought it looked really pretty good for the price. V similar to the Evo but the frame seemed more solid. Re it looking cheap.... it is cheap :-D

WeAreSix Sat 07-Sep-13 18:19:02

Me again!

Last post was a bit hurried, I was in the car between pram shops!

I have come away from shopping empty handed, and no further on in my choice hmm

Maybe I have judged the Sky too harshly. However, I still think it looks cumbersome and cheap, especially in comparison to the Evo that I sneaked a look at in Pizza Express at lunch time smile I'd like to see the Evo up close and get my hands on it!

So, I spent a good while in the pram shop putting DD 13mo in various pushchairs.

The Oyster Max seat looks very iCandy-ish, doesn't it?! DD did exactly the same thing in it... shuffled bottom forward and immediately slumped. We tried the Uppababy Vista, but she was already at the top at the seat unit shock and I'm not keen on spending the £££s on it not feeling 100% secure that its going to last me.

Had another look at the iCandy and still felt the same as I did when I was buying while pregnant, and that I still prefer the Oyster chassis. It feels lighter to me somehow, although I'm sure there's others who would prefer the iCandy over the Oyster chassis.

Moved on to looking at a bit of a chunkier stroller, and therefore losing (compromising?) on parent-facing. The shop didn't have as many of these so just tried a M&P Stroller similar to Silver Cross Pop and a Chicco Liteway. I was tempted by the Liteway, tried it in my boot (SMax with all the seats up so very limited space) and it obviously filled the space - it is a very long umbrella fold as the front wheels don't tuck in at all.

The BJCM with 4 wheels sits in my boot perfectly. I'm almost swaying to a BJCM4, but I just can't let go of parent facing yet...

Back to the drawing board. I am the most indecisive, picky person. Ever. But I have had so many too many pushchairs now, and I think because I know what I don't want, I can't find what I do want.

Sorry! I feel like I've let all of you down after you've being so helpful!

SilverSixpence Sun 08-Sep-13 05:55:24

Have you tried the baby Jogger Versa? it might be the answer if you want parent facing and like the BJCM

WeAreSix Sun 08-Sep-13 11:52:04

I'm in Kiddicare! It's heavenly smile

I'm about to get Graco Evo (I think) and we are enquiring about the BJCM4 price matched to Amazon.

Excited smile

jumperooo Sun 08-Sep-13 15:59:46

Why no Britax? We have an Uppababy Vista which is a really fabulous spec pushchair, but its big. We want something more compact now DD is walking. We've just today bought a Britax B Agile, we got the three wheel version but there is also a four wheel. It's very similar to the BJCM. It feels well made, really sturdy. The fold is like the baby jogger = great.

To be honest nothing will match the overall quality of the Uppababy Vista in my opinion, but We will be testing it for a week and hopefully DD and I will like it and we will sell the Vista. (In my quest for a lighter replacement for the Vista I've bought , disliked and sold on a Petite Star Zia, a Quinny Zapp Xtra and a Maclaren Quest! blush)

jumperooo Sun 08-Sep-13 16:01:02

Ah sorry, missed the parent facing point!

Do you want to buy an Uppababy Vista? ;-)

Tiggywunkle Sun 08-Sep-13 21:56:33

Which iCandy did you try - you say it like there is only one smile There's at least 5 to try ;)
I am surprised your DD is at the top of a Vista seat - its a pretty big seat!
As Silver Sixpence says, have you tried the Versa?
Did you get the Graco Evo? It is lovely. The 5 point breakaway harness is my only gripe with it. Otherwise its fab.

WeAreSix Mon 09-Sep-13 11:47:40

jumperoo I have had three Britax pushchairs - my first was a travel system which was just awful. Second was the Vigour 3+ which tipped leaving my DD upside down in the road and customer services were shocking, and then the 4 wheeled version replaced that. I hated that one too! Just didn't want to go back to a brand I haven't got on with.

Tiggy I was shocked too - first impression of the Vista was at how tall / high it seemed overall so I was pretty surprised to see DD's head brushing the hood.

I haven't had my hands on a Versa, and I think I would probably like it but I cannot convince my DH to part with the ££s.

I came away from Kiddicare with the Graco Evo and a BJCM4 on order, which arrives tomorrow blush There was another thread on here to an Amazon offer for the BJCM at £153 which I thought was a fantastic price. We had put an order in on Amazon, and although it showed out of stock the confirmation email said delivery date to be advised. Kiddicare were happy with that and not only did they price match Amazon, it was a 15% off day so the BJCM came in at £140ish. I was looking at spending similar on a 'sling-in-the-car' stroller, and the BJCM fits better so I couldn't resist!

I like the Evo, but don't love it. The harness does seem a bit flimsy, I agree Tiggy. I think I'm going to have to use it and hopefully get on well with it. I will miss aspects of the Oyster, particularly the chassis, I just wish the seat was better.

So, tomorrow much to DH's dismay I will have 5 pushchairs. Oops.

WeAreSix Mon 09-Sep-13 11:48:35

Oh, the iCandys I tried was the Cherry and the Strawberry.

jumperooo Mon 09-Sep-13 17:27:34

The hood on the Vista extends upwards for taller babies, if that helps?

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