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Is the Cam 3 considerably better than previous models?

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DevonLulu Fri 06-Sep-13 18:01:03

Thanks very much, there are some really good quality V2's that are reasonably priced. Then I can justify buying a true off road/jogging stroller without compromise!

Tiggywunkle Fri 06-Sep-13 16:51:18

I agree...there's not enough to make me buy a V3 over a V2.

Twattybollocks Mon 02-Sep-13 16:59:56

Honestly, not really. The only real difference between the 2 and 3 is that the top pegs on the front wheels are gone, bumper bar is gate opening which is better, but the frame no longer locks shut on the 3, meaning the frame can be opened one handed, but also means that it unfolds itself unless you pick it up folded with 2 hands. The handle adjustment on the 2 compared to the 1 is much easier, but I prefer the ride on the air wheels from the 1 as opposed to the foam wheels on the 2. The carrycot folds flat on all models, there are plastic supports in either end that can be removed to fold it flat. The fabric sets will fit all 3 models.
Personally, I would get a cameleon 2, as unless you know the seller, with a 1st gen you are looking at a pushchair that's at least 6 years old, as the 2nd gen came out in 2007 I believe.

DevonLulu Sat 31-Aug-13 18:36:01

Thanks, I thought as much. Very helpful

Fresh01 Fri 30-Aug-13 19:49:58

Main difference between Cam 1 and Cam 2 was position of brake handle and the old butterfly screws that you turned to adjust the handle height were replaced with flat tab type things. I did have one of my butterfly screws shear in two after 6 years of use but was able to get a replacement one from a company near London that sells Bug parts.

Don't know about changes between Can 2 and Cam 3.

I have had a Cam 1 for 7.5 years and people have asked if I got a new pram for DC4! It has lasted very well and it has been used lots.

forevergreek Thu 29-Aug-13 13:43:33

Not really. The main difference seems that the carrycot folds down ( so might fit in smaller boots better). But most people fairly fold it down anyway as a faff to put back before you can use. Also most are using main seat by 6 months anyway

DevonLulu Thu 29-Aug-13 13:37:51

I have been searching for the all elusive perfect pushchair and realised that people have more than one for a reason!

The version 1 and 2 Bugaboo Cameleon are available second hand in very good condition and are a fraction of the price when compared with a new Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Are the new features really worth the price of a new one?

Many thanks

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