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Cosy toes / foot!

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LittleMissSnowShine Wed 28-Aug-13 08:46:25

I have the Britax B Dual for my newborn and toddler. At the moment we tend to use the Britax baby safe car seat / carrier along with the second seat for toddler but as time passes I am sure we will be using just the ordinary seat unit more and more.

Toddler is usually warmly wrapped up enough and he would not enjoy being zipped into an additional layer (cos he is a big boy now lol) but I was thinking about getting a cosy toes / foot muff type of thing for the baby. I've seen people posting online about having problems with getting one that is compatible with a BRitax car seat though so what I really need your help on is...

A) Is there a cosy toes kind of thing that would be compatible with Britax Baby Safe car seat?

B) Would this then transfer to being used with the ordinary seat unit in the Britax B Dual pram?

Thanks in advance!!! thanksthanksthanks

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