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Maclaren techno XLR / Globetrotter / Volo???

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Dandileeno Sun 25-Aug-13 10:39:03

Hi there,

Just looking for some practical advice on this as starting to now get a bit confused after looking at many different sites!

Thinking of getting a Maclaren as needing a light option for to take DS to and from nursery - DS is 15 months and already on 75th percentile so think he's going to be quite tall - I'm currently swayed by the globetrotter as it's a step up from the volo with at least some option to recline the little monster smile , but just concerned as I've heard the back height isn't great if you have a tall child - has anyone else had this problem?? I realise also that the globetrotter has the mesh sides and just wondering if this will be a problem in winter?? Not sure I'm going to be using it all that much though - simple trips to and from nursery / park / shops (all roughly 10 mins away) - no plans to go far as currently already 4 months pregnant with 2nd child, so is more the reason why I want something lightweight for the moment. I realise will more than likely need a double buggy also, but just want a maclaren for now but just not sure which one!

Suggestions will be very gratefully received smile

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