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is this a real site!?

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Kristal123 Sun 25-Aug-13 03:12:44

Hello I want to buy an icandy peach blossom (already got one but I have fallen in love with the new ones) and as we know they are very pricey I watching one on ebay but it looks like its gonna sell quite high, I came across this site selling them for £699 but I'm worried if its a real site don't wanna lose my money and never heard of it! Its can anyone tell me if this looks real or if they've ordered from it? Tia x

whitewineforme Sun 25-Aug-13 09:49:33

I'm pretty sure icandy don't sell any of their pushchairs online, you have to visit a retailer. So I would be careful with this one - probably worth a call or email to icandy as they will be able to tell you if the website is one of their authorised stockists. Better to be safe than sorry when spending that much!

Kristal123 Sun 25-Aug-13 11:39:26

Thank you, I actually read that somewhere myself think I will steer clear when somethings to good to be true.. Lol

Kristal123 Sun 25-Aug-13 11:53:58

Oh it says it has a show room! I wonder if I can go and look at it there

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