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iCandy Apple 2 Pear

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LaraJo5967 Sat 24-Aug-13 18:34:35

Has anyone bought the new Apple 2 Pear? If so what do you think to it? I have a 15 month old boy and expecting a little girl in October. I love iCandy and hubby has said we can get a brand new double for when Lucy arrives however i'm torn between the Peach and the Apple 2 Pear. i was pretty much sold on the Peach until the new Apple 2 Pear came out, i love how this is lightweight and the seats can fold with the chassis and love the hood colours, they're so pretty and the material is so soft. Would love to hear if anyone has tried the Apple 2 Pear and what they thought?? smile X

Tiggywunkle Wed 28-Aug-13 22:41:45

I have one and it's fab. It's so manoeuvrable and light to push. I love the set fabrics and extending hoods. I didn't think I would ever fold it with both seats on, but I do all the time. I love how it freestnds when folded. I am less keen on the hood fabric (but the old Apple hoods fit) and the lack if basket space in double mode. But it's neat and easy to use. I think you get what you pay for with the Peach (adjustable hoods, footrests, basket space, finish, looks, small fold, fabrics), but the Apple2Pear comes a close second for me. Both are excellent.

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