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Mountain buggy Urban in the flesh. And other all terrain advice please....

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DevonLulu Sat 24-Aug-13 11:08:37

Thanks all. Very helpful.

Tiggy - do you think that the out and about would be too short? What do you feel about the buffalo and the icandy peach jogger capabilities off road?

Rooners and Cathpip - thanks for the Chariot ATP info, near us, will give them a ring. interesting that they no longer stock mountain buggy - that may be why I can't find one. Will give Nigel a ring.

cathpip Fri 23-Aug-13 14:42:19

I second chariot ATP, I got my old mountain buggy (pre 2010 model)from there and had a lovely chat with him as I was looking for the Landrover one (now discontinued) I know that they do not stock the new model as they have found it to be not as robust. But if you can get hold of an old version I would snap it up, (sister just got one off gumtree).my dh is 6ft 3in and has no problems and I live on the edge of the Yorkshire dales and own spaniels it goes off road a lot and it pushes threw sand very easily. It's now just about to do dc no3 and still has plenty of years left in it.

Rooners Fri 23-Aug-13 14:35:31

Have you tried chariots ATP? They are nearish to you and Nigel is very helpful if you ring him up.

Tiggywunkle Fri 23-Aug-13 13:56:53

I am not entirely sure the Nipper V3 will be much better for your DH. Yes the handle is a bit higher than the Swift, but not a lot. I think you will have a good feel of the Urban Jungle having tried out a Swift. Neither of these parent face beyond the carrycot / car seat stage though?

Have you considered the Baby Joggers if non parent facing is ok. The Elite and Summit feel like big pushchairs but with a smallish fold. The Elite handle can be really high.
Equally the TFK Joggster Twist is a big pushchairs - tall handle, feels very robust and does have a parent facing seat. I have to say, the Joggster Twist is the one I would send you to have a look at. I am sure its stocked in the South West - I know of one shop in Bath, and I am sure there's others.
Look also at the Bumbleride Indie too.

DevonLulu Fri 23-Aug-13 08:13:20

My husband and I live in rural Devon by the coast and are looking for a pram for our first, due shortly.

In an ideal world, I would like off road, rear and forward facing, with carry cot. We have a large car and a house where the fold is not a massive issue. I will spend a lot of time on the beach and coastal path, walking across fields and muddy lanes to the village and wandering local parks and NT sites. No busses or public transport, some trips to nearly Pymouth and the odd supermarket run. Will pay for the right product.

I have an issue regulating my temperature and am always hot and bothered (!) so sling / backpack idea would not suit me.

I can't seem to tick all the boxes!

DH and I have visited a few shops but there's a limited supply to see and DH likes to 'feel the build quality'! We have seen the bugaboo buffalo which feels large. DH has got the icandy peach jogger firmly in his sights, although I do not think that this is rugged enough for our needs. DH felt the MB swift was flimsy and too small for his 6ft 2in height so dismissed.

I would like to show him the mountain buggy urban and the out and about V3 but can not find anywhere that stocks them in the south west - please help. We want to view in the flesh!

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks

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