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Where to buy BJ Versa GT

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Yespleasetotea Fri 23-Aug-13 20:40:41

I know, I couldn't believe that price either! Went a long way to convincing DH that it was an essential purchase.

My friend has an Uppababy Vista which I've always been a bit envious of (mainly the ridiculously large basket) but the compact fold I think does make the Versa better.

I really like te chunky GT wheels and don't notice that it doesn't have suspension on the back ones. It flies over bumpy pavements and rough grass very happily.

Hyperhelpmum Fri 23-Aug-13 19:16:54

I'm not sure when the recall was but spoke to a woman in a local pram shop who said they aren't stocking them as they were recalled. Very annoying. Will check the baby jogger website to see if there is a date but think it said the batch number was August 2012. Thanks for tips. That's price for the GT is outstanding! Can't decide on which one i want. I am still definitely getting one as it was between this and the Uppababy vista which I trapped my hand in badly when testing in JL!

ngxox Fri 23-Aug-13 12:35:40

Wow £319 thats amazing, i think the rrp is 450, i thought in was doing well at 399!! Some of the retailers say they are "not allowed" to display the prices online but that statement is blown out when other sites have the price!! just trying to reel you into contacting them so they can try their sales pitch on you lol

Yespleasetotea Fri 23-Aug-13 09:47:32

I got my Versa GT from Chariots All Terrain Pushchairs for £319 including delivery + free rain cover last month which was by far the cheapest price I was quoted. I think they are based in Devon. Plus I emailed the man incessantly about it before I bought!

Why are all these sites so cagey about the prices?!

I really like the Versa GT. Didn't get a chance to see either normal or GT in the flesh before I took the plunge and ordered but it is good. So easy to push with fab storage and feels really good quality. Bit heavy when folded but I don't mind that. The seat looks really comfy and supportive for sleeping in, too.

Hope that helps.

ngxox Fri 23-Aug-13 09:13:46

Is that a recent recall? I read that there was a recall when they were 1st launched but I believed that was sorted and there had been no issues since then. Look out for price match then if you are going round the shops, I went armed with all my printouts from the various websites lol!!

I drove myself crazy picking a pram and if you look hard enough there are horror stories about every pram, brakes jamming, wheels falling off, folding mechanisms catching it's mental!! Good thing with the Baby Jogger is they offer a lifetime guarantee on the chassis against faults, not that it makes it any easier if something goes wrong while you are using it but at least you know it's covered! And I get the impression from those who have used it that the quality of the prams really are up there with the best!!

Good luck shopping!!

Hyperhelpmum Fri 23-Aug-13 08:59:58

Thanks ngxox a very helpful response. I live right down in the South West so will have a look at some independent places nr me. Now veering even more to GT as on Baby Jogger Website they are recalling some medleys of Versa due to a fault sad Not the best thing to read when about to commit to buying one! Thanks for your help though!

ngxox Fri 23-Aug-13 08:27:54

Hi, I did a LOT of research on the best price for the Versa GT, made harder by the fact that a lot of online retailers make you email for a price. I went to a couple of pram shops (in Glasgow and East Kilbride, if you live in Central Scotland) and none of them had the GT actually on display in the shop (I think it's a relatively new pram) but they did have the standard versions and told me they would order the GT in for me.

The cheapest I found the GT online was £399 for the pushchair alone and £104 for the carrycot and that was or had the pushchair, carrycot and free rain cover for £515.

I ended up getting mine at the pram center glasgow when I was in looking at the standard one and they said they could order the GT in for £399 also and £108 for the carrycot. In terms of whether the GT is better than the standard I wasn't actually able to see the GT so cant comment (but as I understand it, it's exactly the same dimensions etc at the versa with different wheels, albeit it a couple of lbs heavier). I posted a thread about this when I was looking and tbh a from what people were saying there really isn't a lot of difference between the 2 but I went for the GT as I thought the wheels had the edge (a lot of people say the GT wheels are a lot better on the city mini for example). In terms of the comments about it being heavy I found the standard versa really lightweight and easy to push (albeit just around the shop and bumping up on to their display stands) and so I thought the GT isn't going to be much different. The push chair is slightly heavy when it is folded but I really wont be carrying it about for ages and it fits perfectly in my really small boot, folded with the seat on!! I'm not actually getting it til December so really can't offer you any help on it in reality but I'm excited about it and feel for me it ticks all the boxes!!

Have a look at this link that looks at the difference between the versa and the GT, like I said not much in it!!

If you've got any other questions just let me know!!

Hyperhelpmum Thu 22-Aug-13 21:51:15

Sorry £100 off at moment!

Hyperhelpmum Thu 22-Aug-13 21:50:46

Anyone know where apart from John Lewis? Still wondering if I should get versa standard wheels as boots online have £100 at moment. Help?!

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