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Buggy Board for Babyzen Yoyo?

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BewitchedBefuzzledBewildered Mon 12-Aug-13 17:19:58

Can this work? Can it be made to work? Anyone tried it?

The Babyzen Yoyo is the best small stroller I've seen by a long shot - but using a buggy board would help enormously. I know on Best Buggy it says not buggy board compatible but with no reasons why.

Tiggywunkle Mon 12-Aug-13 18:12:33

Honestly, are you seriously wanting to put a stroller board onto the back of a YoYo????? shock shock shock

The YoYo is a robust small light pushchair but no way would I (I put you, but you clearly did) entertain putting a stroller board onto the back of a YoYo. If you need a stroller board, then buy a bigger, more robust pushchair or buy two YoYo's!

I am quite sure that if I tried I could get one particular stroller board attached onto the rear but no way would I ever ever, ever, ever put the YoYo through having the weight of a large toddler on the back of it. At best, it would probably tip. I bet you would probably snap the rear axle or handle (if you use the side supports) trying it! You would also struggle to push it as the handle is very straight up.
The whole pushchair is light and really not meant for a buggy board at all! Mine is starting to groan a little under the weight of one bigger child, let alone two!

I am in shock that you are even contemplating it!

chaya1 Mon 19-Sep-16 02:02:17

actually - there is a strolller board!

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