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2.8yrs age gap. Contemplating a double, am I mad?

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suntodayplease Thu 08-Aug-13 18:48:38

DC due in the autumn and which will mean a 2.8yr age gap. we still use the pushchair daily for DD, I do encourage walking but if I'm out doing errands etc invariably she ends up in the pushchair. I've looked at buggy boards, but I'm not convinced she'll stay on it, and feedback suggests they're not great in the wet. I appreciate the double will probably only get a couple of months of full use as a double though. Am I alone on thinking the double may be the solution, albeit an ££ one?

DorsetLass Thu 08-Aug-13 18:51:56

My DD is four and we ha e

chocolatecheesecake Thu 08-Aug-13 18:54:26

My DC have a 2.9 yr age gap. After much agonising I got a v cheap second hand phil and teds. For us it was the right option as my eldest was at nursery 3 days and only needed to go in the pushchair for part of long walks so the second seat didn't get used very often. But when we did need it, it was really needed! It's been good to have the option, but now she's 3.5 a buggy board on my icandy cherry has been more useful. She loves it, and was fine with it on long days out on holiday, which was good as there was no room for the double in the car! I'm very glad I didn't get a new double!

DorsetLass Thu 08-Aug-13 18:54:52

My DD is four (DS 2) and we have only just got rid of double buggy - and now they fight over buggy board. We walk everywhere - and it meant that we could get around without relying on car (park is 20 min walk - we would never have made it there and back). She got in and out for last six months and didn't use it very much - but was a life saver in rain/longer trips. I think you'll get more use than you think - could always buy second hand eBay one - or get one that resells well.

Exhaustipated Thu 08-Aug-13 18:55:55

Not mad at all! We live in a city, don't drive much, had the same age gap and I was so glad every single day that we bought a double buggy.

We got an old but functional Phil and teds off ebay for about 130 quid. One year on we still use it for long journeys although for short ones my eldest goes on scooter etc.

rcs19 Thu 08-Aug-13 18:56:24

We bought a Phil and teds with a 2.6 year age gap. Still using it daily 8 months later for walking the dog. I couldn't cope with a pushchair, dog and 3yo on foot down a canal towpath!

We also have a single pushchair with a buggy board for shopping etc and find it really useful. What you will need depends on what you'll use it for, I suppose.

With a lot of the tandem pushchairs, you can take the doubles kit off and convert it to a single pushchair once your eldest walks more, maybe use a buggy board then for if they get tired or you're in a rush.

I love pushchairs though, any excuse to buy another one!

RugBugs Thu 08-Aug-13 18:57:55

I will have exactly the same gap and had planned on using a sling for DD2 to begin with but she's due in a week and DD1 hasn't been in her pushchair since April.

NancyBlacket Thu 08-Aug-13 19:02:40

I only had 21 months between my DC and I used a sling (wrap) and a single pushchair even though I was given a second hand double pushchair. But then I like using a sling! DS2 is now 19 months and gets the pushchair and DS1 is 2.5yrs and has to walk. But we don't do any major long walks and sometimes he ends up on my shoulders blush
I think whatever works for you is the way to go!

Tiggywunkle Fri 09-Aug-13 22:58:31

If you think you need a double then buy one smile Buy well, and sell well and you shouldnt lose any money on one. I found a perfect double for someone this week and they will probably make money upon resale. My eldest was in a double until she was 3 and a half. It was strange because up to being 3 she was a terrible walker, but suddenly about a month after she was 3, sense kicked in and she was great then! I needed to know the children were safe, and that was most important to me with walking by main roads.

Ihateparties Sat 10-Aug-13 10:08:56

Have you seen the easy x rider? If you think you need two seats for a relatively short time then these are great.

peachesandpickles Sat 10-Aug-13 10:13:05

I didn't get a double with a 2.6 age gap and regretted it. DD was fine to walk when we could go at her pace but I found it difficult to manage if we had lots to do in town etc.

I did get a big 3 wheel buggy though and once dd2 was a bit more robust dd1 used to hop in with her if she got tired.

Helspopje Sun 11-Aug-13 13:16:35

1 have 2.8 gap and got away with a single and sling/scooter/buggy board solution. we live in an area where you just don't drive and so walk everywhere.
Is easy to get down the road of a double, but it is a whack of an expense unless you have a v unwiling to walk/stay on buggyboard toddler/preschooler.

Layl77 Sun 11-Aug-13 21:30:15

I got a cheap 2nd hand double for a 3 year age gap and was soooo glad! It makes me laugh how people look down on kids older then 2.5 in a buggy yet happily drive them in a car seat, at least they've got the option of getting out and walking and are getting fresh air! I walk miles everywhere and as good as my DD was walking she would get tired or id need to walk faster etc.

TheSkiingGardener Sun 11-Aug-13 21:38:30

2.9 year age gap here and we went with the buggy board, but then we had pretty much ditched the pushchair before DS2 arrived, so we just needed something for big days out and getting DS1 back to the car. Our buggyboard has been very rugged though, and has made it down some seriously muddy trails.

surroundedbyblondes Sun 11-Aug-13 21:39:12

I got a double as we have a 2 year age gap. We used it loads for probably a year and a half. Now DDs are nearly 5 and nearly 3 we still have it for occasional use. It has been fantastic and worth every penny.

chickieno1 Tue 13-Aug-13 16:35:30

Can I ask what buggy you got layl

We ll have a 3.1 yr gap when dc 2 arrives in oct and I don't know what to do re buggy.....

MummyTheresAfireBeeOnYourHead Thu 15-Aug-13 18:55:37

Not mad! Go for it. I had double with that age gap and got lads use, you will need the extra stuff capacity if nothing else! My eldest was/is very good walker and behaved pretty well so just used to hop in and out if she was tired or I was walking too fat on errands etc. am getting another for dc3 and dd2 will be 3.4,,, loonnng sch / nursery run for dd2 and dd1

Layl77 Thu 15-Aug-13 19:53:14

I got a Kiddicare side by side 3 wheeler. It was great!i walk miles so used it a lot. Don't know if kiddicare do them anymore but it was well worth it I have had lots of prams!

suntodayplease Sun 18-Aug-13 19:52:30

So it sounds like I'm not totally bonkers for looking at doubles then. We will have a 15/20 min walk each way to nursery which is my main concern. I could drive it but I'd rather walk so DC2 can nap and I'm not faffing about with parking and carrying car seats etc. I've been looking at the Phil and Teds navigator, as much as I like the Dot its smaller and I'd like to get as much use out of it as possible if I am going to fork out for a second pushchair. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Jollyb Sun 18-Aug-13 20:07:44

2.10 month gap here. We thought we'd be fine without a double. sister lent me her old phil and teds 'just in case'. DD2 only 4 weeks but it has been v useful so far

TeWiSavesTheDay Mon 19-Aug-13 12:58:15

We had a 2.9y gap. I didn't get a double. We used the buggy board a lot.

Really up to you - a double would definitely have been helpful at times, but since money and space was tight the buggy board did the job well enough. DD (eldest) hates walking as well - if we'd had a double I'm not sure I'd ever have turfed her out of it - she still tries to get in the buggy now at 4.5!

Pascha Mon 19-Aug-13 13:01:50

I have a 2.5 year age gap, we had a tandem and I recently sold it for what we bought it for on ebay so basically it cost us a deposit which we got back grin and spent again on another one

Murtette Sat 24-Aug-13 22:12:26

2.6yr age gap & got a double which, 15mths later, I'm still using. It's a 20min walk to nursery but would take forever with DD walking and I'm short so struggled with a buggy board. We got the Britax BDual which is referred to as "the Beast" as its so big but 3.10yr DD can fit in both the top & bottom seat (important as both prefer the top seat & so there is a strict "turns" policy --so strictly adhered to its on the calendar so we don't forget from one nursery session to the next--).

CreatureRetorts Sat 24-Aug-13 22:14:36

We tried without a double for a bit but ended up with one a few months in (26 month gap). I walk mainly and still use it now DD is 20 months old. Ds, who is nearly 4 likes to walk but sometimes I need to get somewhere quickly or he needs a brief nap! But he gets out of his own accord and walks when he wants to, which is most of the time.
Plus it's great for carrying loads of shopping (phil and teds).

Can you get a secondhand one?

suntodayplease Mon 26-Aug-13 12:36:07

I think the consensus in the Sun household is that we will go for a double, and hope that in 6 months or so DD is better at walking/staying on the buggy board and switch back to the bugaboo. We are keeping our eyes peeled for a 2nd hand P&T's but worse case buy a new one with an aim to sell it in good condition. ignoring DH's want for a third DC in which case we'll keep it

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