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Baby Jogger City Elite - do I need a carrycot?

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MsFiremanSam Fri 19-Jul-13 13:52:53

Thanks for the replies, very helpful! Think I'll have a go without the carrycot - I can always get one later if I find I need it. Going to order the buggy now!

dldl Thu 18-Jul-13 22:59:52

Personal preference. We used the deluxe carry cot. Depends on your circumstances. We live in a top floor flat and I left the frame downstairs and carried baby up in the carry cot so no issues waking a sleeping baby when transferring them.

If it's the money that's concerning toy, a cheaper half way house would be to buy the graco soft carry cot for about £15 on amazon
Or the petite star zia coccoon for £30 -
Then you have the advantage of transferring baby out of pram. It was something that was essential for me but might not be for you if you are on a ground floor flat or a house.

Excellent choice of buggy btw - we love ours!!

wallpaperaddict Thu 18-Jul-13 21:25:26

I have the elite and I'd use it for a newborn without a carrycot as long as the seat was padded out a bit. It lies flat and the great suspension means the ride will be comfortable. The viewing window in the hood will allow you to see the baby easy enough, and the massive hood will make it snug and offer the baby protection from sun wind etc. I love my elite, my DD is 2 but we walk tons and I use it everyday!

MsFiremanSam Thu 18-Jul-13 10:45:28

About to buy the City Elite to use from birth - if I have the sheepskin cover and the small footmuff, do I need a carrycot as well? Are there any benefits aside from the baby being front-facing - and how important is this?
Would appreciate advice from any pushchair boffins and BJ users! Thanks smile

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