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Tiggy heeeeelpp!!!!!!!

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Tiggywunkle Sat 27-Jul-13 20:24:25

LOL so you have both smile
I like your style! Well done!

twojues Sat 27-Jul-13 14:03:06

I've just managed to buy a double nipper for £40. It's in ok condition.

The person I got if from said it needed a new rear wheel which would cost about £30. Some of the spokes had broken. When I got it home, my husband had a look and managed to fix most of them. Took it to a bike repair place and they fixed the rest for a fiver.

So in total it cost me £45. The mesh on the hood pockets are torn, but that's all really.
Oh, and it came with 2 footmuffs too, so well chuffed. At least it well finally help me choose between the nipper and the Oyster Max which I also have.

Tiggywunkle Tue 16-Jul-13 23:32:04

LOL why ask me?
The Nipper V3 would certainly be easier. If it fits and you want one, buy one!

twojues Mon 15-Jul-13 20:27:53

As you may remember I bought the Oyster Max when it came out in February for childminding.

I love it. However, I do find it a bit fiddly having to put both the seats on and bending down to strap the lower child in.

I still hanker after my double nipper that I had to sell as it wouldn't fit in the volvo xc90 I had. I have now gone back to an Espace and I know the nipper fits in.

In October I will have 2 little ones of similar age - 13 mth and a 10mth old every day. I need to use the car for the school run and put the children in the pushchair to get in to school. Toddler groups I have to drive to and do the same. So some days I get the children in and out of the car at least 6 times.

Please tell me I don't need to buy the nipper V3 or should I? ;)

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