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Are there any buggies which will fit the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix without adaptors?

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glorious Tue 16-Jul-13 12:16:26

Ooh I'll try that with mine (though we've never used them yet anyway! ).

poocatcherchampion Tue 16-Jul-13 09:53:36

yes my cabrio adapters have been attached to the seat since I realised it still goes on the base with them on. easy solution!

we've got an oyster

adagio Mon 15-Jul-13 08:09:33

We have a M&P Sola (bought ex display and saved a fortune).

The Cabriofix does need adapters however I tend to leave them on the car seat in the car - I never really bother with bringing baby and car seat in house, the car seat stays in the car or gets used straight from the car to the pram wheels and back again. It still fits the familyfix base with the adapters attached, but doesn't sit /rock on the floor unless you take them off.

On the odd occasion where I have wanted the car seat on the floor I take them off - it is equally possible to leave them attached to the pram wheels which for this scenario, (or lob them in the footwell!)

MrsCJ Mon 15-Jul-13 07:59:13

Hi we have Mothercare Movix, you don't need adapters for Maxicosi car seats. It's been a pretty good pram overall, only thing a bit squeaky! My DH forever oiling it

QueenSconetta Mon 15-Jul-13 07:54:42

Thanks ladies. I looked at the Maxi Cosi own but some seem to need adaptors and others don't but there doesn't seem to be any conclusive info!

It is more the convenience I'm looking at. I have a Concord Neo which I had for DD1 but we used with the Proton carrycot so we didn't really use the car seat. The carrycot doesn't fit in easily with DD1's stage 2 car seat so we have been using the concord infant carrier but it's so heavy!

Anyway we now have a Cabriofix and easy base which is great, and I have ordered adaptors for the Concord, but seeing as the Concord has no storage (the basket was tiny and ours got eaten by a mouse in the garage) and I've got so used to the one button detach system on the Concord I wondered if there was something similar for the Maxi Cosi.

I tend to put her in the lie flat pram for anything other than the nursery run or a quick dash into a shop so looking for a quick, easy way to get the car seat on and off a frame.

Fishandjam Mon 15-Jul-13 07:41:59


glorious Mon 15-Jul-13 07:40:28

I don't know but have you looked at maxi cosi's own pushchairs? Might be a good bet.

Some pushchairs come with adaptors as standard, e.g. the uppababy vista, so it's included in the price. But not particularly convenient if that's your concern.

FairyThunderthighs Mon 15-Jul-13 07:36:41

Mothercare my3 or my4. It's pretty good with the car seat on.

QueenSconetta Mon 15-Jul-13 07:33:55

Just that really!

Thanks in advance.

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