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Silver Cross Surf in summer?

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TortillasAndChocolate Sun 14-Jul-13 19:18:37

I didn't buy the carrycot at first but DS seemed uncomfortable in the pram when he was newborn. So I bought the carrycot when he was 3 weeks old and was so glad I did - obviously this was for a different reason to you but I don't think you'll regret buying it! Plus he used to have his sleeps in it if we were out and about or at friends and it just seemed much more suitable than the buggy part fully reclined.

Hope you like it!

NewToAllThis11 Sun 14-Jul-13 19:07:21

Thank you. Just decided to order carrycot x

Rockchick1984 Sun 14-Jul-13 14:55:07

I'd buy the carry cot personally, or use the sunshade and just accept that you can't see him very well. Have a look on eBay and on Facebook selling sites if you're happy to buy pre-loved, carry cots are used for such a short amount of time but you can get some bargains on them smile

NewToAllThis11 Sat 13-Jul-13 19:58:37

Just a quick question about the Silver Cross surf for anyone who has one. DS was premature but getting ready to take him home in the next couple of days. I've taken him for a walk round the hospital grounds but haven't been using the apron as it's fleece lined and far too hot at the moment, so he's in the baby nest and I've put the sunshade over him. Without the sunshade he just seems really exposed, but I feel like I can't see him that well with the sunshade, although he's better protected. I didn't buy the carrycot - maybe I need to. Has anyone got any advice please? Thanks x

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