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Kiddicare Kiddicouture Fizz

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PeedOffMinder Sat 13-Jul-13 07:13:14

My DD will be1 next week and I have taken a shine to the Kiddicouture Fizz. I currently have a cosatto and find the handle too high, making it uncomfortable to push. I'm 5'2 so I am looking for a pushchair with an adjustable handle, I want one that can face me or face forward and has a decent sized basket for shopping. I really want to put off putting DD into a forward facig stroller for as long as possible as I want to enjoy looking at her for as long as possible but I still want the option of facing her forward as she does like to be nosy!

Also, the Fizz can be bought without the bells and whistles of car seats and basinets which seem to be the standard these days and which I don't need.

Does anyone havee any experience of this pushchair or can anyone recommend one that is similar?

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