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Cup holder for Cosatto Giggle

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lauracutee Sun 30-Jun-13 11:20:40

Hello - does anyone know which type of cup holder fits onto the Cosatto Giggle travel system?

pinkbear82 Tue 02-Jul-13 07:51:28

I was just researching this myself - apparently the bugaboo cup holder with the largest clip fits on the chassis. Off now to see how much and where from but he this is a help.

pinkbear82 Tue 02-Jul-13 07:56:34

John Lewis £14.95. eBay of course have some too.

Have you found a sun umbrella that clips on suitably?

lauracutee Wed 03-Jul-13 09:38:12

Thank you, I'll check that out now.

We got our parasol at a Jack and Jill Market, but I think it's just the same as the ones you can buy in Mothercare, etc.
It's a white broderie anglaise one - I was surprised that it fitted the Cosatto but it does!

Which pattern did you get? We got the black one with white stars. It's an amazing travel system, we really love it.

pinkbear82 Wed 03-Jul-13 09:44:48

we have the star one too - dp was keen on the Orange but we didn't know which type of baby we were having and I love the stars!
did you get the car seat too? We didn't - main reason we got it was the lightness as I don't drive so getting on and off of buses it's ideal.

have to say I am really happy with it and glad I went for it.

lauracutee Wed 03-Jul-13 11:22:07

Yes we got the car seat too.

I love how lightweight it is - it looks fantastic too :-)

We're having a boy, otherwise I was going to go for the black and white stripy one (I actually prefer the star one now though). I love the blue stripy one with skull and crossbones on it too, but that only comes as a buggy.

pinkbear82 Wed 03-Jul-13 14:44:40

it's lush isn't it - we also have a cosatto swinging crib which we are really pleased with too.
lucky babies!

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