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Britax B-Agile Double Travel System Compatibility

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katemarch Fri 28-Jun-13 14:56:54

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone knows if a Britax Hard Carrycot will fit on the B-Agile Double? I know the Britax website says it doesn't, but I've seen people put them on the B-Agile single strollers in the US?
I know the Baby-Safe Sleeper fits on, but I'd prefer the hard carrycot if it fits! I'm using the Baby-Safe Plus SHR II car seat on it at the moment, but it's a bit upright and after a while my newborn looks really slumped down in it!
Thanks for your help!

Ihateparties Fri 28-Jun-13 16:19:02

Is there anything on the frame that might prevent it? I don't see why it wouldn't, the connectors are the same as the car seat. The cot is wider lower down than the car seat so it's possible the frame would be in the way. I know the babysafe sleeper fits on as I saw one a couple of days ago grin

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