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Maclaren Techno XT now has plastic wheels?!

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CocoaBeanPlease Thu 27-Jun-13 08:13:04

We're huge fans of our Maclaren Techno XT, but after more than 3 years of heavy daily use (and abuse) with DD1, we decided we needed a new buggy for DC2 due soon. So we re-ordered a brand new one, as we love everything about it.

But we're very disappointed to see that the wheels are now plastic rather than hard rubber! I'm really hoping that someone on here can reassure me that this isn't just a cost-cutting measure and that these are somehow an improvement? Isn't the ride just bumpier and noisier? And wouldn't those wheels be more fragile?

I'd really appreciate hearing about other people's experiences, as we can still return it if really necessary.


CocoaBeanPlease Sun 30-Jun-13 21:06:21

Bump! Does no one have any experience with these then?

I can't find any reference to this change from rubber to plastic anywhere - but when I look on John Lewis or Mothercare, they all have pictures of Maclaren Technos with the same plastic wheels as the one I just received, so it seems to be the "proper" version and I haven't just been scammed.

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