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Bonito bebe- anyone even heard of it???

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notverymaternal Mon 24-Jun-13 16:16:03

Hi, am due end of October and have started looking around at the various buggies around. Am very drawn to the uppababy vista due to its height, ease etc, not so much to the price!
But now I have just seen the bonito bebe online and it seems to be quite a good contender, but cannot seem to find any reviews really... Is that because they so awesome that no complaints, or the so rubbish that no one has them???


Loupee Mon 24-Jun-13 16:23:06

I've never heard of or seen the Bonito BeBe, but looking at the picture it doesn't look as sturdy as the Vista.
I have the Vista, and absolutely love it, DS is now 11 months and it has been used everyday and it is a absolute dream to push and DS is very happy in it. Definitely well worth the money, and I have to intention of changing to an umbrella type as others have.

notverymaternal Mon 24-Jun-13 19:25:06

I think I would spend the money on the Vista as I realise the baby is going to spend a very long time in that buggy, however, I thought that perhaps this one had potential too. (Call me shallow, but it started off at about £600, so thought that may mean quality....)
Do you find it very heavy? do you put in and out of car or do you have a car buggy? or do you not drive??

Loupee Tue 25-Jun-13 16:29:47

I drive and the vista is my only buggy. I don't find it heavy to lift in and out of the car. If I had to carry it a distance I would find it heavy quickly, but I've never had to do that. We have a big boot (Vectra) and there is plenty room left after the vista is in. While pushing it really feels weightless as well, I didn't appreciate what this meant until baby was here though.
I got a great deal on my vista at a baby show, buggy, carrycot, maxi cosy car seat, foot muff and snug seat for under £700, there was also a free highchairs thrown in.
I think the pram centre inflates its prices quite a lot to show substantial savings. That's the company I ordered from through the baby show, and pay anywhere near what is advertised on their site.

Ihateparties Tue 25-Jun-13 16:51:45

I would physically look and feel what you are planning to buy, ultimately you will be using the thing day in day out and how easy and comfortable a pushchair is to use can differ massively, irrespective of price.

In some respects you get what you pay for with pushchairs but it's not always that simple. I have a mega cheap tandem that stands its ground with the previous ones that have cost (when new) 5 and almost 6 times as much. Cheap things rarely feel the same but it's very much up to you and whether you think paying extra is worth it or not.

<rather likes look of bonito bebe one and suspects it might be a relation of the my child pinto in some way>

nnicol96 Fri 23-Aug-13 15:06:12

bonito bebe is the glasgow pram centres own brand. it's usually pretty good and is great value for money. hope this helps

Lesley1980 Wed 16-Oct-13 09:13:27

I wouldn't buy a bonito bebe or buy from the pram centre. I bought that pram for my baby born in October 2012 & I'm not happy with the pram or the customer service. I keep the pushchair section at my parents to use when I visit as there isn't enough room in our car for the wheels, the pushchair & all the other stuff I need to pack when I go to stay. The pushchair section has been used 20 times max. I was walking with my daughter when the chair flipped back sending her upside down & sliding down the pram-if she hadnt been fully strapped in she would have been thrown out & landed on her head. I had to carry her home & push the pram with 1 hand. The pram had jammed but i eventually managed to get it to click back into a normal seating position. I took a picture of the pram & sent it to the pram centre as a complaint & was asked to bring the pram in for investigation. Everyone tried to make it tilt back like the picture & it just wouldn't budge, further investigation showed no mechanical failures & this was unexplained freak accident. I wanted my money back as no way would I put my daughter in a pram that can fail for no reason. I was told all they could do was replace the parts & send me with the pram with the mechanics "personal guarantee" it won't happen again. Less than 12 hours later it happened again!!! My parents were weighing it with books & it dropped upside down just by pressing the buttons-the "fix" has made it worse. Another complaint with more pictures & my mum taking a video of 14lb (my baby us 18lb)of books being thrown out the pram when it drops backwards. Now to many a pram that can not hold a small child is a fault? Failure? Not fit for purpose? But for the pram centre unless they find a mechanical fault your problem does not exist & you will get your pram back. They ignore the photos & video & only go by what they can find by pulling apart the pram & if they find nothing then you are stuck with a pram you can't use. When i asked the manager if she agreed the pram was dangerous she said that if your child is strapped in properly they shouldn't come out the pram. Your child will be flipped upside down in a second but at least they don't come all the way out!?!?! I would imagine most retailers would be mortified if such a thing happened but the pram centre don't care. No mechanical fault the problem doesn't exist & they take no responsibility

Lesley1980 Wed 16-Oct-13 10:03:27

If there is a way to post pictures I can add a picture of the pram & the position it flipped my daughter in.

Nicolamcneil1 Sat 30-Nov-13 19:22:11

Hi I have just sent you a personal message as the exact same thing happened to me with the bonito bebe so scarey and now too scared to put my son back in it although pram centre are not willing to help me. I am now left with a pram not fit for purpose I would not recommend the bonito bebe to anyone nor would I recommend the pram centre I would go to s reputable company and buy a reputable brand where u have some after care from the manufacturer if things go wrong

jenniplumb Thu 10-Apr-14 17:25:44

I have just had this same thing happen to me with my son. I had just put him back in the buggy and had not yet strapped him in. Luckily I managed to grab his leg to stop him smacking his head off the pavement but it could have been a really horrible accident.

I have just emailed the pram centre now and decided to Google 'Bonito Bebe fault' and lo and behold, I'm not the only one.

This is appalling if they are refusing to acknowledge that there is clearly a serious fault with this model. I will let you know how I get on.

jenniplumb Thu 10-Apr-14 17:29:27

Did either of you ever get this resolved in the end?

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