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What if I don't want a travel system. Just a pram. What would you buy?

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FussandMess Mon 17-Jun-13 19:35:13

I'm not bothered if the car seat fits on. I will just move baby from car seat to pram.

I will at some point buy a Maclaren Tech XT so I don't really need it to turn into a pushchair.

I just want a comfortable pram with a large carrycot so baby can stay lying flat for as long as possible.

What would you get?

FussandMess Mon 17-Jun-13 20:33:24

Is there even such a thing as 'just' a pram these days?

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 17-Jun-13 20:34:52

If you're determined to go the Maclaren route then why not an XLR that takes a carrycot?

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 17-Jun-13 20:35:31

And no, I'm not sure there is! Unless you want a massive Silver Cross type thing.

TwitchyTail Mon 17-Jun-13 21:15:28

I looked into this as I feel the same as you, and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as just a pram nowadays, in the mainstream at least. Probably because there isn't a market for them, now that everyone has bought into the idea that babies must be kept strapped in Maxi Cosis at all times until their first birthday and will explode if you actually pick them up with bare hands.

Just buy what you like and save money on the car seat adaptors grin Maclaren plus carrycot is a good idea, or advice in other thread still stands <whispers "second hand Bee" seductively>.

IHeartKingThistle Mon 17-Jun-13 21:23:16

If I had the choice again (not going to happen!) I'd go for a pramette (is that what they're called?) You know, the kind of one where the flat carrycot can be 'snapped' and the back raised up. This is because although I was all for keeping DD in her carrycot pram as long as possible, at 11 weeks she screamed and screamed and screamed until I put the buggy attachment on so she could see out.

She's 6 now and still a nosy bugger grin.

FussandMess Mon 17-Jun-13 21:52:09

Do you mean like the pilko premaette?

Does anyone know which pram/carrycot has the most space inside?

IHeartKingThistle Mon 17-Jun-13 22:13:24

Yeah, that sort of thing! But you can't predict the kind ofbaby you're going to get, sadly!

GampyWabbit Mon 17-Jun-13 22:50:01

A friend leant her pliko pramette to me after dc3 was born. It was lovely to use while dd was tiny. She ended up selling it for £40, so they can be bought very cheaply, especially if you'll only use it for a short time.

MortifiedAdams Mon 17-Jun-13 22:54:24

I got theXLR and carrycot. Got the comoatable carseat aswell incase I ever needed to useit and did once or twice. Dd is nowin just the stroller. Love it - never goingto need another buggy.

noisytoys Mon 17-Jun-13 22:55:13

I have a Pliko Pramette for DD2 (age 2.8) they are great. 5 year old DD rises on the step on the back when she's too lazy to walk grin

tiredteddy Mon 17-Jun-13 23:01:39

I've had 3dc (youngest 5months now) and never had a travel system. You don't have to buy the adapters for any pram buggy if you don't want to. Just choose one with a carrycot/ soft carry cot pram mettle style or lie flat option and then move your baby. Mine woke sometimes slept sometimes whatever it wasn't a problem. My point is that you can choose any buggy you like and use how you like. You do not have to have the carseat on or buy the attechements if that is not how you would like to use it.

Essexgirlupnorth Mon 17-Jun-13 23:05:15

I have got a uppababy vista it has a large carrycot as wanted a proper pram. Does fit a maxi-cosi car seat but have to buy separately. Silver cross do a heritage coach style pram but is £1500!

JaquelineHyde Mon 17-Jun-13 23:20:18

Get the Maclaren XLR with the carrycot. I currently have it for DS2 (6 weeks) and I am so pleased with it. So glad we don't have to fork out for a separate pushchair.

mrsyattering Mon 17-Jun-13 23:30:01

I had a mamas and papas xcel pram the carry cot is huge. Not sure if you can get them new anymore. But lots on ebay/gumtree. Kept dd and ds in as long as possible (I think 3/4 months) before moving to a mclaren style buggy. I loved it....still have it in the hope of a third wink ( unlikely sad )

mrsyattering Mon 17-Jun-13 23:33:24

forgot to add, the carrycot on the mclaren is tiny imo.

Hoophopes Mon 17-Jun-13 23:40:33

My ds slept flat in bugaboo chameleon til 14 months old. Seemed one of the largest 2 yrs ago.

MortifiedAdams Tue 18-Jun-13 08:26:17

Yes, the carrycot on the xlr is small, dd was in it til 4/5mo however the stroller also lies totally flat so.eveb once they are out of the carrycot they can still lie totally flat (dd 18mo still does for her naps)

JaquelineHyde Tue 18-Jun-13 09:46:18

DS will be out of the carrycot by about 3 months I expect, but like Mortified has said the pushchair lies completely flat so the only difference is it becomes forward facing.

Phineyj Tue 18-Jun-13 09:54:24

We have a Graco Evo which is good but the car seat is heavy. The pram part and wheels alone are fine, and it converts into a pushchair. I agree with you that transfering the baby is much simpler than lugging a car seat about...

Number6at40 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:03:54

I had an inglesina classica in vanilla, totally gorgeous , looks like a baby balmoral .
Absolutely perfect , and folds to go in the car.
Sold it and regretted it so i then had to buy a Kensington as my little girl hates being confined into a buggy .

FussandMess Tue 18-Jun-13 10:10:32

The inglesina classica is beautiful. I would look a bit out of place pushing that around here though.

Its exactly what I want though.

Is there anything else like that but cheaper and a bit less fancy?

Number6at40 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:27:31

I bought my Kensington second had but immaculate for £50 .
Would that be too big ?
I also have a Jan Stewart Churchill pram maybe you should check them out .
Or what about the silver cross elegance ,it looks lovely but I don't know if you can just buy the carrycot and chassis or f it's the whole system .

Ihateparties Tue 18-Jun-13 10:41:09

As above a used coachbuilt pram, there are plenty still around otherwise emmaljunga classic type ones, babystyle do some too as do the glasgow pram centre/vib.

From what you're saying used would probably be good for you as you have no illusions about using it past the baby stage so not looking for the elusive does everything pushchair. Buying and selling a used one for the time you want it for you should be able to break even. Personally I would go with swivel wheels rather than 4 fixed ones but that is a personal preference based on my life not yours.

FussandMess Tue 18-Jun-13 10:42:49

Good point - I need to find out if it has swivel wheels, that's pretty important.

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